WOD Thursday 28/04/2016


A) In teams of ??, each athlete perform the following in a 15min window,

Front squat

-Bar taken from the racks.
-Select four loads you would like to hit.
-The heaviest four successful lifts from each person divided by their bodyweight will count towards the team total.
-Score will be the teams total % load, this will help us find the pound for pound kings.

B) In pairs complete the following,

3 rounds for time of:
20 Front squats, 60kg (42.5kg)
100 Double unders

-Bar taken from the deck.
-One bar, one load.
-One athlete works at one time.

Post total team %, load and team time to comments.

10 Comments on “WOD Thursday 28/04/2016

  1. 9:15 and its talented one handers;) Fit Strong Flexible Plus Some:)

  2. Hotel wod. 5 mins on the treadmill.
    Dumbbell front squats 5 max sets then
    20 dumbbell front squats
    100 double unders
    3 rounds
    11 minutes

  3. Hey guys the last time we did adorable unders someone took my reopen by accident. It is an orange jump rope. Could you please check and let me know if you have it. Who ever it was left their orange rope which is still at the box…..cheers

    • I think I saw Leon claiming an orange one this morning!!!!!