WOD Thursdsay 19/09/2013, Day 18!

Clean and Jerk

Post start and heaviest load for working sets to comments.

Our 30 day challenge “Green Machines”!!

23 Comments on “WOD Thursdsay 19/09/2013, Day 18!

  1. How much is your crack mickey boy.?!?! 😉
    Does it take eftpos. ??

  2. 5.30am
    Kylie 20kg
    Cathy 20kg
    Heidi 20-30kg
    Lauren.Y 20kg
    Joanne intro (welcome!!!)
    Lynne 20-30kg
    Dal 45-75kg
    Mull 35-55kg
    Britt 20-30kg
    Cameron 20-50kg
    Kate 20kg
    Reiven 12-25kg
    Corrine 20-27.5kg
    Carolyn 30-52.5kg

    Mick 80-90kg
    Latch 80-90kg
    Brenno 70-85kg
    Karen 30-55kg
    Shelbs 20-30kg
    Sue 20kg across
    Pete.R 55-75kg
    Cliffo 55-75kg
    Hayley.G 30-47.5kg
    Suz 20-30kg
    Jess 20-45kg
    Richo 40-60kg

    Emma 30-55
    Paula 37.5-52.5
    Bec.M 22.5-45
    Stevo 70-100
    Aido 60-95
    Keffy 100-115
    Tommy 70-90
    Shelby Mobility
    Gilli 40-55
    Josie 25-45
    Simmo 60-90
    Mick.E 60-85
    Kyra 12-25
    James 40-75
    Macdaddy 70-90
    Troncy 60-65
    Tracy 12-25
    Lauren.D 55-75

    Julian 20-50
    Hayley.M 12-30
    LJ 20-35
    Kylie.H 12-20
    Marty 40-70
    Aimee Dowel-30
    Mim 4km Row UNBROKEN!!
    Naz 20-40
    Livdawgs 40-65
    Harold 90-102.5

  3. So awesome to see Dal and Mulls names back on the board miss seeing you guys!:)

    • Thanks Sue, miss seeing you too. Should be in for a few 9.15 sessions over the school holidays depending on my Goodlife work roster, which I hopefully get soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hey Mick, G2 has been nesting:-) spent the last 2 swings home from first light till dark at house working his butt off to finish our house! As of yesterday it’s all finished:-))))))) He flys out to work again today and when he returns next thurs we move in! Yayyyyyyy:-)) He has 3 week break when he returns so he will be back with no excuses! As for G1 well what can I say he is bloody hopeless! Lol

    • Congrats on the house guys! Will be good to have Pete in full time. I think G1 is a lost cause!

    • Haha awesome to hear bout the house Jen, yeah he certainly needs him to hold his hand 😉

  5. Yippee Cliff and I just swam 1km unbroken yep I said me!!!! I did it:)

  6. Well done Sue. You are just getting going from strength to strength.

  7. Rest day yesterday due to getting over swing shift, back on board now. Today’s wod c/j 40/70kg.

  8. First time ever doing clean and jerks.. It’s so much fun, I loved it 🙂 now to work on form and improvement!!