WOD Tueday 05/02/2013

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters 42.5kg (30kg)

Post load and time to comments.

Gotta love the Aussies!!

24 Comments on “WOD Tueday 05/02/2013

  1. The Shining, “Here’s Franny!!”

    Seriously wanna hide when I think of this Chick!!
    This is one Nasty Girl!!

    Let’s Dance!!

  2. 5.30am
    Alan 5.43 rxd
    Megzi 6.36 rxd
    Shano.C 6.53 rxd
    Lauren 3.39 rxd
    Jayden 6.45 (30)
    Cathy 6.53 (12)
    Paula 7.27 rxd
    Liv 8.43 rxd
    Martin 7.15 (25)
    Kelly 8.32 (12)
    Carlie 9.53 (20)
    Mel.P 6.36 rxd
    Ruby 7.46 rxd
    Kurt.N 6.51 rxd

    Mick 5.21 (50kg) scale-up
    Cliff 6.09 rxd
    Brenno 9.04 (30kg)
    Stevo 6.58 (30kg) mod
    Sue 10.40 (20kg)
    Alli 9.07 rxd
    Kirsten 5.46 Welcome!!
    Jenny.P 7.05 (12kg)
    Shelbs 11.23 (20kg)
    Paul.G 10.03 rxd
    Mitchy 7.48 rxd
    Alana.M 6.40 (20kg)
    Richo 11.03 rxd
    Matty.Macdaddy 8.14 rxd
    Bryce 8.55 (35kg)
    Jacob Intro-Welcome

    Keiffy 4.15 rxd
    Cal 5.13 rxd
    Pittas 11.30 (20)
    Harro 6.01 rxd
    Paul.R 6.55 mod
    Brucey 7.03 rxd
    Ellen 6.59 (20)
    Sarah 7.27 (20)
    Heidi 6.14 (20)
    Jakob 8.28 (20)
    Matty.F 4.47 rxd
    Tommy 4.03 rxd
    Mick.E 7.49 (20)
    Ben 4.56 (30)
    Wog 5.07 mod

    Locky 3.27 rxd
    Aido 4.43 rxd
    Simmo 4.22 rxd
    Justin 3.34 rxd
    Gilli 6.50 (20)
    Tanners 4.17 mod
    Smokin 4.29 rxd
    Scotty.E 9.34 rxd
    Stu 4.03 rxd
    Mull 8.43 rxd
    Dal 5.50 mod
    Lisa.w 4.54 (6)
    Pete 3.59 (30)
    Bianca 4.49 rxd
    Hayley 5.54 rxd
    Corina 8.36 rxd
    Steven 6.22 (20)
    Troy 6.46 (25)
    Larnsy 7.43 (20)
    Jaymee 9.13 (20)
    Corey skills

      • Cheers Smokin! I’m still feeling sick and dead 🙁 yeah got a PB of 13 seconds – my last time was 3.52. Pretty stoked but don’t wanna face Fran again haha. She’s one mean chick!!!

        • Lauren go the girl power!!!!! You are a fantastic athlete congratulations!!:)

    • Hey Scotty T, are you gonna drop in today and get Fran done? I remember how much you used to love her 😉

      • Ha Ha yeah Megan, got a nice relationship with Fran. I’m in Bundy, will be the first time I’ve ever missed “FRAN”. Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations to all the Fransters out there!!! Top effort!! Thankyou Ali for counting me and getting me over the line with my blown out forearms!!! Wow!! I now understand the burning feeling you get from doing Fran and how you never forget your Fran time!!! Thanks to Mick and Nic just typing this is difficult!!!:)

  4. Work Fan
    Dumbbell thrusters 34kg
    Pull up (found a bar at the basketball courts)
    Time 6:05

  5. A special BIG thankyou to Karen for coming in tonight and counting me, and Lyndal and Mick for your tips again, I may have missed my last time by 16 seconds but theres always next time…..

  6. If this Box is Rockin Come On a Knockin!! Freakin Killer Vibe Tonite!! 4551 is looking Primed for The Opens!! Booyah!!

  7. Some Smokin Fran times guys !!!!! can’t wait to get back and give it a crack.

  8. Freakin awesome to see another box record of 66 people in the house havin a dig at “Fran”. Congrats to everyone on their efforts especially all the first timers and first rxd efforts. A huge shout out to the smokin top scoreboard times for the day also. Big highlight for myself was hearing the whole box 4.45pm and 6pmers chearin on the “PIT” Pitas, and to be honest even when we had the CFG Opens running I’ve never heard cheering/counting so loud. It’s a credit to ya Pit a true Aussie battler who never gives up, onya mate 😉

  9. Corina, Karen and I all got massive goose bumps and then Karen cried a bit …. I didn’t . I’m tough *eyes dart*

    • Shhhuuuuuurrrrrruuuupppp B or I’ll hit ya with my bigger than your’s bananas ha ha ha

      Corina you did awesome, your head was in the game snd thats sll that matters and you finished it!!!

      • ps Im getting a new phone, this one clearly doesn’t spell right. haha