WOD Tuesday 01/01/2013, New Years Day!!


Weighted pull-ups

Post loads and body weight to comments.

11 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 01/01/2013, New Years Day!!

  1. 8am
    Gill skills
    Tracy Blue-Red/pink
    Mick 30-50kg
    Ryno skills
    Cliff 20-35kg
    Alana 3.25-4kg
    Sue Red across
    Martin Unassisted-7kg
    Suz Unassisted across
    Bryce 8-15kg

  2. Champs for new year day wod’ers…. Peer pressure got the better of me !

  3. 7 rds
    35kg OS x12
    15 x kb swings 16kg
    300mtr run
    21mins 46 secs

  4. Workout today-warmup with a 1000m row and then sprint 100m and do 10 sit-ups all the way to 1 sit-up – time 10.28

  5. 4k run around yorkys knob not sure of the time but it was bloody quick

  6. Post Work Run from Monaco to Moffat Head and back. Approx. 8km’s.
    Pro’s: Beautiful Scenic Route.
    Con’s: Dodging Tourists.
    Awesome way to start the New Year!! 🙂

  7. Had to work this morning, so I did:
    3 rounds
    50 squats
    20 situps
    15 double unders
    30 kettlebell swings (12kg)

  8. Wow!!!!! Well done to Simmo, Mel, Scotty, Shauno, Smokin and Issy. Great to see people being accountable and also posting up there results if they don’t/ can’t make it in. Awesome guys!!!