WOD Tuesday 01/02/2011


Squat Cleans 60kg (40kg)
Ring Dips


Post load and time to comments.

Congratulations to Mel Zanki on being CrossFit 4551’s PB champion of the month for January!!

In the last month, Mel has really stepped up her training and since starting the ‘Zone Challenge’, Mel has lost 2kg and 8cm around her waist also achieved her own personal goal of 5 consecutive pull ups before the end of January.

Mel’s achievments for January are:

* Push Press (3â€ēs) 45kg
* Push Jerk (5â€ē) 45kg
* 6 Consecutive Pull Ups
* Back Squat (1’s) 70kg
* Press (1’s) 31kg
* Deadlift (1’s) 102.5kg
* Deadlift (5â€ēs) 87.5kg
* Clean and Jerk (1’s) 50kg

30 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 01/02/2011

  1. Well done Mel u little champ, awesome efforts all round, congratulations!! 😀

  2. Smashed it Mel!! Go you little Pocket Rocket!! Truelly deserving of your title, certainly some impressive results. Congratulations!! 🙂

  3. Well done, you are very clever!!! This is almost worthy of receiving my swear pig money (notice I said ALMOST)

    Very proud of you keep up the great work and keep smashing out those PB’s 🙂

  4. Nice work Mel! Awesome achievements this month! Well done 🙂

  5. In Melbourne this week. Did yesterdays workout this morning…badly – 70kgs/2.04 (well done Ryan 10mins plank is unreal!)
    Will do today’s work out tonight, just hope i buck up!!

  6. 5.45am
    Shano.G 14.09(40kg)
    Lauren 13.23(40kg)
    Cyn 13.24(20kg)
    Mim 10.08(20kg)

    8am .com
    Deadlift 100kg 21 reps
    Run 400m
    Deadlift 100kg 18 reps
    Run 400m
    Deadlift 100kg 15 reps
    Run 400m
    Deadlift 100kg 12 reps
    Run 400m

    For time.

    Mick 10.51 rxd
    Calippo 14.41 rxd

    CrossFit Mum

    Wall Ball (5kg)
    Step Ups (20′)

    Tamara 9.03

    Lock Stock 16.19 (50kg)
    Karen 15.27 (30kg) mod
    Paul 12.05 (30kg)
    Nicole 12.13 (20kg) mod
    Bec 12.13 (20kg) mod
    Cherise 16.53 (40kg)
    Richo 19.36 (40kg)
    K.C. 13.19 (20kg)

    Prince 12.56 (40kg)
    Calvin 12.15 (40kg)
    Paula 13.32 (30kg)
    Amanda 17.14 (40kg)
    Brucey 16.00 rxd
    Kendall 10.20 (20kg)
    Jimbo 15.57 (40kg)
    Lyndal 13.50 (40kg)
    Mel 17.46 (30kg)
    Ryno.C 12.45 (40kg)

    Scott 13.05 (40kg)
    Sheree 12.38 (20kg) mod (Welcome)
    Rob 12.51 (40kg)
    Dale 23.56 rxd
    Lachlan F 13.47 (30kg)

    Raymond 16.55 (50kg)
    Tanya skills
    Blake 15.19 (40kg)
    Alana 17.44 (40kg)
    Lara 11.26 (20kg) mod
    Gilli 12.44 (20kg) mod
    Ali 11.30 (20kg)
    Lynda 13.16 (20kg)
    Angie 14.44 (20kg) mod

  7. Awesome job Mel, u have come a long way already, seems to happen a little quicker with quality nutrition. Well done mate!

  8. Congratulations Mel – all your hard work is paying off. Well done and I am sure there will be loads more PB’s for you.

  9. Congratulations Mel!! Very well deserved and very well earned!! Your training has improved in leaps and bounds and it definately shows in your confidence within yourself at the shed. Awesome effort!! 🙂

  10. I’d say at least 14 minutes of todays wod was spent on those squat cleans. bah

  11. Go Mel no going back now girl, a huge congrats on all you achievements and many more to come 🙂
    Smithers and Sammy

  12. I got my first strict handstand pushup this morning.. Stoked!!!

  13. Big congrats on all those PBs Mel! Great effort this morning Rich, you showed those squat cleans who’s the boss.

  14. Well Done Mel… And Lock Stock you are just a machine just to watch….And for me I am so happy that I got out my pull ups with the smaller bands…Don’t know if I will ever get to 10!!!!

  15. Go mal…. Awsome work 🙂 love watching you do pullups! We both started cf same time and thought wow r we ever gonna be able to do what they do!!! Look at u now…

  16. Awwww… Thanks everyone! (except Cliffy, coz he is responsible for taking that photo!)

    • and its such a cool photo too Mel! You look the part girl….

  17. Did today’s workout….a bit better than this mornin 10.48 (40kg) but absolutely knackered…I think all the Christmas booze is finally coming out.

    Well done Mel and Lauren..


  18. Welcome Sheree great to see you in tonight!!

    Sorry Prince all fixed mate.

    Well done Dale, a great effort to battle your way through that one mate.

    Well done Bec.C keep hittin up those weaknesses and you will be crankin em out in no time mate.