WOD Tuesday 01/03/2011


Complete in as least sets as possible.

Post load and sets to comments.

14 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 01/03/2011

  1. Won’t be in for this one, it’s my main uni day. Mick, can I take 2 waivers to get signed by the kids’ mum (if she actually decides to let them join!) or does she need to come in and do it in person? If I can take it, could 2 go home with Lyndal plus the direct debit stuff? AND, as I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in my ability to remind her to check, and very limited faith in her ability to remember on her own, can anybody who happens to be at the 4pm session help us out with a reminder?

    • In your face… ah…ah…um… Mal! I remembered.

      • You can’t claim that, I reminded you at 3:50!

        • Haha and Smithers reminded me when I got there and as I was walking out…

  2. I just wanted to give a shout out to Mimsy. I hope you’re recovering well, and the morning crew are all looking forward to seeing you back on your feet with all pistons firing!! 🙂 But you’d better hurry, ’cause Louise was smokin’ yesterday morning!

  3. LOL have a great day at Uni mate, bummer wish you could be there.
    I will try to remember to remind Lyndal, can`t promise anything
    but i will give it a go 🙂 🙂

  4. 5.45am :Weight recorded in order then amount of (sets).
    Lauren 90-75-90-65-90-50kg (2)
    Cyn 65-55-65-50-65-40kg (2)

    Hang Power Snatch

    Cliff 50-57.5kg
    Mick 55-62.5kg (2@65kg)

    Ryno 110-80-115-75-116-70 (2)
    Sheree 60-50-60-40-60-30
    Paul 110-100-120-90-130-80 (2)
    Nicole 60-50-60-40-60-30
    Cherise 100-85-102.5-75-102.5-75 (1)
    Alana 120-100-120-90-120-70 (2)
    Richo 130-100-130-90-135-75 (2)
    Lynda 110-90-112.5-90-115-80 (9)
    Bec.C 80-70-80-60-80-50 (4)
    Karen 100-85-102.5-75-102.5-75 (2)
    Trina 110-100-110-80-110-70 (4)

    Tommy 150-130-150-115-140-100 (5)
    Prince 120-100-120-100-120-90 (3)
    Amanda 90-70-80-60-80-50
    Kendall 70-60-70-50-70-40
    Lyndal 120-100-120-90-120-80 (1)
    Paula 70-60-70-50-70-40
    Olivia 50-40-50-30-50-25 (2)
    Bulldog 150-130-150-115-140-100 (3)

    Dale 160-140-160-120-160-110
    Sara 55-45-55-40-55-30
    Lachlan F 100-90-100-80-100-70 (1)
    Nick Z 120-110-120-100-120-90 (1)

    Michelle.D 40-30-40-30-40-25
    Tim 80-60-80-50-80-40
    Lara 80-65-80-55-80-45 (5)
    Gill 100-90-100-80-100-65 (5)
    Smokin 180-150-180-130-180-110 (2)
    Tanners 80-65-80-55-80-45 (2)
    Rob 140-125-140-105-140-90 (6)
    Beck 75-60-75-57.5-75-50 (3)

  5. No worries Mel, just take them with u.

    We all look forward to having u back in Mimsy!

  6. hey you dyslexic f*#k Mick..Paul actually did 2 rounds not bloody 20…lol 😉

    • THANKS Mick….Blame Paul..he told me to write it..hee hee 😉
      Ps..we both can hardly walk, yesterday and today have flogged us!!!!! Who’s laughing now?!

  7. 2 hang power snatches at 58.5 so close dodgy last rep even thoe i got the last one

    • Cliff, you nearly got the big fella

  8. Okies for those that know me well know I don’t generally do the cooking but today I promised I would, and what did I have to do – ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH chop hot green chilli’s with torn hands from the deadlifts today….boooohoooo f#*King stung like hell. But I’m sure the family will enjoy the fruits of my labour!