WOD Tuesday 02/08/2011

For time:
Run 800m
15 One Legged Squats (Right Leg)
15 One Legged Squats (Left Leg)
25 Sit-ups
12 One Legged Squats
12 One Legged Squats
25 Sit-ups
9 One Legged Squats
9 One Legged Squats
Run 800m

Post time to comments.

Happy Birthday to Ryno and Sheree!!

17 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 02/08/2011

  1. Yay double birthday wishes!

    Happy Birthday Sheree – hope you have a magical day and one that you deserve! X K

    Happy Birthday to you Ryno – another year older and you still look like your in your 20’s! – Have a sensational day mate.

    Looking forward to this WOD this am, it’ll be very interesting woooohooooo!

    p.s Alfonsea says toodle pips and he’ll see you all in 3 weeks

  2. Happy Birthday Sheree and Ryno hope you both have a wonderful day 🙂

  3. 5.45am BANDS:(Y=Yellow, O=Orange , R=Red, B=Blue, P=Purple)
    Alan 12.23 (R)
    Megan 13.36 (R)

    Danny 13.42 (O)
    Karen 14.32 (Box)
    Susie 16.27 (R)
    Matty.F 14.00 (Y)
    Adam 13.32 (Y)
    Alli 19.45 rxd
    Lynda 20.27 (Box)
    Kristen 19.40 (P)
    Brendan 20.40 (P)

    Ryno 12.22 rxd
    Christine 16.46 (R)
    Corina 18.11 (O)
    Kurt 14.42 (R)
    Mull 17.56 (R)
    Dal 17.09 (B)
    Cliffo 17.53 rxd

    Tommy 12.10 (mod)
    Liv 17.09 (R)
    Chazz 15.06 (B)
    Paula 14.10 (R+O)
    Lauren 14.58 rxd
    Beck.L 13.04 (R)
    J.F.K 12.29 (O)
    Callan 13.49
    Rob 12.45 (B)

    Shano.C 11.06 (O)
    Joe 13.36 (mod)
    Larns 7+5+10 (mod)
    Mr Crossfit 16.39 (R)
    Gill 18.34 (B)
    Aido 19.12 rxd
    Babs 18.53 (R)
    Lara 20.04 (P)
    Tanners 16.54 (R)
    Eliza 14.57 (P)
    God 15.28 (O)

  4. Happy birthday sweetheart

    Happy birthday Ryno

  5. HUGE Happy Birthday wishes to Ryno and Sheree, wishing you both an awesome day!!

    Mick I did set my alarm for 5.30am to come in and do a double wod today….. unfortunately no matter how much I tell myself I can be, im really NOT a morning person. Shall try my hardest for tomorrow morning….. 😉

  6. Birthday wishes to Ryno and Sheree, hope you guys both have a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday Ryno!! You kept that nice and quiet!! Looks like more Birthday Beers at the Friday nite sesh!! Wishing Mum to be Sheree a happy day also!! Enjoy your day guys and see ya this arvo!! 😉

  8. Happy Birthday guys. Hope you both have a great day

  9. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes . Loving Crossfit and all the people at 4551. Catch you all at training tonight. Happy birthday to Sheree.

  10. No worries Tanners, I remember young Joseph telling Lauren he will be an addition to the Wednesday morning 5.45am session this week, so it should be easier getting up and coming in together 😉

  11. Happy Birthday to Mrs T and Rynos, hope u both have a great Workout!!

  12. Ahhhh Ryno, happy birthday! I didn’t even say it this afternoon, sorry!!
    Happy birthday Sheree! I’m in the clear with you, I didn’t see you… right??

  13. Happy Birthday Mumma T and Ryno!! Hope you have both had cracking days!! I WAS planning on having a baby today, but figured there couldn’t be 3 of you that celebrated your birthday on the same day… So, you can all thank these two for making me hold out for ANOTHER day…!! 🙂 xx Happy Days!!