WOD Tuesday 03/02/2015


A) 12mins to find your:
4RM Front squat


B) Crossfit open games WOD 11.1 & 14.1:

Amreps as possible in 12mins of:
30 Double unders
15 Ground to overhead, 35kg (25kg)

Post loads, rounds and reps to comments.






10 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 03/02/2015

  1. Happy birthday tommy!! Hope you have a great day :).

    I’ll never forget 11.1, first year I went into the opens and this is when I got my very first double unders!! My score for the amrap was 52, I’m pretty sure 10.30 of the 12 mins was spent on double unders !

    • Hahaha I remember it sooo clear Gilli as if it were yesterday, that’s why I love and recommend the Opens to everyone. It’s easy to get lost in the journey sometimes but events like this really are a great time to reflect just how far you have come. From the day you did your intro many of years ago mate, i’m super proud of your efforts and just how far you’ve come. There has been fun times and testing times, one thing you have never done is bow down and give up. Onya Bezzdogs!!

  2. Happy Birthday Tommy have a super awesome day from all our family:)

  3. Happy birthday Tommy . . . you young fella! Great to see you making the most of the day and starting so early in the morning with Crossfit. Have a good one mate! 🙂