WOD Tuesday 04/04/2017

The screen looks foggy for a reason, Mr September everyone!!

A) 18min to find your 6RM:
Push press

-From the deck.

B) Amrap in 12mins of:
12 Push press, 60kg (42.5kg)
3 Rope Ascents, (15ft)

Post loads, rounds and reps completed to comments.

5 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 04/04/2017

      • We’ve had to move you to the double page spread for June/July as the chassis is far too big for one page

  1. Hey guys just a calarification . All my scores for yesterday’s wod ment to have 1 minute in front of them. 1.53 ect.

    • Hahaha I gathered that mate, all good Ryno one thing you ain’t is a cheat! Just a little special with numbers 😉