WOD Tuesday 04/10/2011


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Ever wondered why??

15 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 04/10/2011

  1. Ahhhh my Old Friend DL. 2’s Company, 3’s a Crowd… 😉

  2. No way I wouldn’t want to catch my junk on the way past I don’t need any more purple bruises thanks very much

    • Cliffy you should add the extra weight of your nuts to your lifts. You must be ripping yourself at least 10kg per nut!

  3. 5.45am
    Shano.G 110-140kg
    Lock Stock 110-125kg (4 lifts)

    Adam 130-155kg
    Kazz 85-105kg
    Cliff 140-160kg
    Kristen 50-80kg
    Amy 40kg across
    Kurt 130-155kg
    Corina 50-75kg
    Aido 120-140kg
    Lynda 90-117.5kg
    Alli 60-77.5kg
    Brenno 110-132.5kg
    Bec.C 75kg across
    Richo 110-135kg
    Tanners 19.09 mod

    Sheree 2.18 “CF Mum” “Isabel”
    Matt.H 120-145kg
    Livdogs 40-65kg
    Chazz 72.5-82.5kg
    Lauren 85-100kg
    Paula 17.16 mod
    J.F.K 135-150kg
    Hulk 165-185kg
    Ryno 105-120kg

    Joe 160-190kg
    Gill 60-100kg
    Tamara 30-50kg
    Lara 60-75kg
    Larns 90-120kg
    Babs 50-85kg
    Tanners 60kg across

  4. Bruises are hot where you can see them Drysdale . And no I ain’t showing those bruises, there for the next miss right who wants a piece of bn clifford

  5. What a great morning session, had the feel of the 5+6 crews, PB’s everywhere!!

    I’m gonna bite my lip on this one Dal, but that is gold!!

  6. I think you can safely say that there will be squats tomorrow!

  7. Just made Almond Milk – impressed so I am, can’t wait to have it in my smoothie tomoz. Right now I got Paleo Bread throwing out a lovely smell from the oven, jeeeze I’m a cooking dominating bitch this week! ha ha

    Check em out on http://www.fastpaleo.com