WOD Tuesday 05/07/2011

Run 5km

Post time to comments.

29 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 05/07/2011

  1. dear lord! probably gonna have to row this one :'(

  2. Aw man! Guess I better make a new playlist tonight.

    • I got the sickness ready to play and batteries charged. I gotta beat 28 minutes. See you at 9:15

  3. Won’t be in for the next two days as I am working double shifts at the globo. I will use this time to reflect upon myself in the mirrors.

    I hope to fit the 5km run in my break during the first shift.

  4. 5.45am
    Paul 21.41 rxd

    Cherise 24.52
    Scotty 26.14
    Shauno 27.44
    Lynda 36.21
    Corina 30.14
    Cliffo 22.26
    Ali 29.13
    Aimee “Cindy” 16+5+4
    Lockstock 21.03 (5km Row)
    Sheree 29.03
    Brendan Intro (Welcome)

    Paula 25.22
    Chazza 27.41
    Liv 36.21
    Tommy 21.45
    Nick 23.37
    Flash 22.53
    Aido 21.11
    Brendan 17.33 (2.5km)
    Kurt 24.46
    Brucey c/o
    Mull 29.55
    Adam 22.45

    Brett 20.36
    Lauren 22.52
    Ryno 20.20
    Rob 24.36

    Lara 37.59
    Gilli 36.39
    Kazza 24.54
    Smokin 21.51
    Barb 32.47
    Tanners 32.26

  5. Pauly, what a great effort! Next time for you will be sub 20 for sure πŸ˜‰

  6. F?#kin Awesome Paul!! Smashed your last time!! 2-3 minute pb??

    • Thanks all, but as the saying goes, its more important to take the first step. Hats off to anyone who 6 months ago thought finishing 5km was

  7. I ran the 5km non stop this morning for the first time. I am very happy with my self. I could not even run 400mts 6 months ago and now i have just done 5km.

    Thanks for all your encouragement Mick, i am loving Crossfit.

    • I remember you the day you started Lynda and doing some running WODs with you – freaking hell woman you are a testament to anyone that if you want it you CAN DO IT! Well done girl keep this up – your awesome!!!

    • Lynda, you did such a great run today. You are going gangbusters! Can’t wait to see you knock this time down next time it comes up!

  8. P.S That was my long term goal. Looks like i am all set for the next year

  9. Tough conditions with the wind this morning at 9:15. Got a 2 and a half minute PB and I know I can go faster. Great crew this morning. See you tomorrow

  10. Well done this morning Lynda, really inspiring stuff mate!!

    And to everyone else, well done!!

  11. Bring on summer to do 5 km again I’ll say . Lynda you are also on the rxd path to glory .keep up the inspirational crossfitting

  12. everyone read the caloundra weekly, nice little article on PAGE 2 about CROSSFIT 4551!!!

  13. Well done tonight guys . Some great times.

    Great article in the weekly . Go 4551 you rock !!!

  14. good job everyone πŸ™‚
    nice PB lara!!

    pleaseeee no one look at the noob at the end of the photo.
    i look GROSS!!
    everyones normal and theres me haha πŸ™‚
    man that run killed me!

  16. Well done to the scoreboard Kings and Queens today:

    1. Ryno 20.20
    2. Brett 20.36
    4. Aido 21.11
    5. Paul 21.41

    3. Karen 24.54
    4. Paula 25.22

    To all who knocked out PB’s keep it up, fantastic efforts all round!!