WOD Tuesday 07/06/2011 (Day 2 of 25)


Thrusters 42.5kg (30kg)


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28 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 07/06/2011 (Day 2 of 25)

  1. It shouldn’t matter what challenges are thrown your way, attack them head on!! This is what makes u better, stronger, faster and fitter than the next person next to u!!

      • thanks tommy……. oh wait your talking about what mick said? haha

  2. NO FRICKEN WAY!!!!! argghhhh i can feel the burn already….

    • This one is made to those cannons you call legs Smoking! you will smoke it! Joeloe soleo 😉

      • Bahahahaha, Cheers Rob. Only thing is I have an extra 5 kilo to lift than the last time I did Fran!! I will be exstatic if I can even get the same time. We shall see…

  3. Good morning all. Just checking in from Los Angeles. We arrived at 6am Monday after leaving Australia a 10.20am Monday, so theroetically we arrived 4 hours before we left – go figure. I did my workout this morning – walking around the LAX Airport and will do another one this afternoon walking around the Santa Monica pier. Love to you all.

  4. Crossfit 4551 – the land of giants!

    Well done again Scotty – great to watch!


    • I think Kurt you are addicted to crossfit, you are talking crossfit talk now! Welcome to the club of addicts haha 🙂

    • Cheers Kurt, well done to you too. Your first experience of “Fran” and you smashed the 30kg and dropped a band size. Fantastic morning sesh with a sensational atmosphere. Love it, oh and a massive PB for me yay!

    • Kurt, you and Corina are going great. You’ll be taking on Scotty T before you know it! (Great Fran this morning Scotty! You showed those thrusters whosedaboss.)

  5. 9.15am
    Aido 5.49 rxd
    Lock stock 7.00 rxd
    Cyn 7.20 (20kg)
    Nicole 8.19 (20kg)
    Aoi 6.10 (12kg)
    Cherise 8.18 rxd
    Scotty.T 9.10 rxd
    Alli 5.41 (25kg)
    Lynda 7.49 (25kg)
    Kurt 7.56 (30kg)
    Corina 7.40 (20kg)

    Charlotte 13.20 rxd
    Paula 12.40 (30kg)
    Liv 12.26 (20kg)
    Jess 14.43 (20kg)
    Brucey 5.36 rxd
    Trav 9.06 (20kg)

    Nipples 8.45 (20kg)
    Lyndal 6.39 rxd
    Mal 12.40 rxd
    Tommy 5.44 rxd
    Rob 11.41 rxd
    Bec.C 11.47 (20kg)
    Sara 9.25 (20kg)
    Paul 7.48 rxd

    Karen 11.39 rxd
    Lara 10.24 (20kg)
    Tim 8.08 (25kg)
    Smokin 5.48 rxd
    Michelle.M 12.46 (20kg)
    Tanners 6.36 (30kg)
    Shano.C 10.16 rxd
    John 5.45 (30kg)
    Crossfit 6.48 (30kg) mod
    Gillian 7.38 (25kg)

  6. To whom this may concern,

    As much as id love to say im cherry picking tonigh (that is indeed NOT the case) I have an assignment due tomorrow and it has just occured to me that it is a little larger than i first anticipated, also weighing 70% of my final mark, therefore I regret to inform you that I will no longer be blessing you with my presence tonight

    yours sincerly


  7. Fran isnt that scary. wrapped with my time and loving the numbers, competition and encouragement of the 9:15 am sesh!

  8. michelle forget about the cammando – Mikko Salo is looking good! bahhahhaha

  9. Never been so Stoked to miss out on the board by 1 second, sick times by everyone
    cant wait to have a crack at FRAN next time she comes round

  10. some great times and rxds tonight, love all your woek, awsome! my first rxd, long way to go

  11. Day 2 of the challenge and a bit of “Fran” seen another big day of huge improvements and great PB’s!! Most impressed with our women filling the scoreboard with Lyndal in 1st 6.39, Cherise 3rd 8.18, Karen 11.39 5th. Men Brucey 3rd 5.36, Tommy 4th 5.44, Smokin 5th 5.48. Mentions also to Scotty.T, Pauly, Rob, Lockie, Aido, Mal, Charlotte on their rxd Tags today!! Day 3 here we come!!

    Gettin hard to get on that board now, love it!!

  12. Thrusters I hate you!

    Brucey, Tommy n Smokin woooohooo great times guys – love ya work and Dal you are a machine and when I grow up I wanna be just like you!