WOD Tuesday 09/08/2011

Hang Snatch

Accumulate a max effort (sec) L-Sit hold between sets for one total time for 6 efforts.

Post load and time accumulated to comments.

7 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 09/08/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Shano.G 52.5kg/14
    Megan 12kg/36
    Alan 6kg/45
    Brendan 12kg/1.20

    Ali 32.5kg/90secs
    Lynda 32.5kg/37secs
    Karen 50kg HPC/82secs Rxd
    Chase 37.5kg/193secs
    Mull 32.5kg/126secs
    Adam 45kg/46secs Rxd
    Susie 22.5kg/69secs
    Kristen 20kg/118secs

    Wog 75kg
    Aidan 70kg
    Brendan 35kg/45 secs
    Rob 42.5kg/54 secs Rxd
    Beck AMRAP 15 minutes (10 rounds)
    Paula AMRAP 15 minutes (10 rounds)
    Cliff 50kg/9 secs
    Chazza 37.5kg/102 secs
    Liv 27.5kg/140 secs
    Kurt 50kg/35 secs Rxd
    Lauren 45kg/39 secs Rxd
    Matt 57.5kg
    J.F.K 65kg 20 secs Rxd
    Ryno 30kg/4.03 Rxd

    Barb 25kg/210 secs
    Gilli 25kg/150 sesc
    Sezza 40kg/76 secs
    God 52.5/98 secs
    Lara 30kg/ 50 secs
    Shano.G 60kg/lost count

    • My son came home injured at 6.30pm – sorry!

  2. Sorry I missed it!! Late finish at Work. I see some heavy shit was lifted!! Nice work to all!! Honorable mention to Kurt!! 50kg+ is getting into some HEAVY liftin!! Keep up the Awesome Progress!!

    • Thanks “Smokin”!!! I very much appreciate the comment. The “power to weight ratio” still aint all that flash, but certainly bridging the gap! Thanks again, Kurt.

  3. Hi guys
    I m down in sydney this week so cannot be in the box
    Gutted as usual . Buttt. I did go to the gym and did bench
    Press 100kg and finished with 4 rounds of bar dips

    See u all friday