WOD Tuesday 13/11/2012


For time:
60kg (42.5kg) Clean and jerk, 30 reps
Run 1.6km
15 foot Rope climb, 10 ascents
Run 1.6km
100 Burpees

Post load and time to comments.

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.

17 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 13/11/2012

  1. Scotty.E 54.54 rxd
    Megzi 37.47 30kg
    Shano.C 36.07 rxd
    Loz 39.18 rxd
    Cathy 35.52 20kg (800m)
    Lynne 40.36 30kg
    Jenny.B 39.02 20kg (6 RC)

    Mick 29.47 rxd
    Cliff 32.48 rxd
    Karen 36.32 rxd
    J.D 34.50 30kg
    Gemma 22.38 mod
    Stevo 41.20 rxd
    Chase 38.21 rxd
    Sue 50.39 20kg
    Bryce 36.00 30kg
    Richo 47.35 42.5kg

    Lock 29.51 rxd
    Aido 28.01 40kg
    Stu 30.53 rxd
    Suz 44.17 30kg
    Mull 56.34 rxd
    Livdogs 49.29 rxd
    Paula 41.18 30kg
    Hayley 44.27 30kg
    Kurt N 51.42 rxd
    Brucey 50.51 rxd
    Smokin 47.02 rxd Spewed
    Wog 33.17 rxd
    Ben 49.48 40kg
    Harro 35.35 rxd
    Mel P 45.01 rxd

    Corina 46.59 rxd
    Randy 39.52 rxd
    Simmo 33.19 rxd
    Matty Mac 38.50 rxd
    Mish 17.12 mod
    Nick D 38.10 12kg
    Pete 39.38 rxd
    Bianca 42.23 rxd
    Pauly 36.57 42.5kg

  2. Well done to the morning crew for coming in and tackling this hero! Big shout out to the big dog Scotty who never gave up and got it done, well done mate!

  3. Thank you for all your support this morning especially to nick who never let me give up definately not a big dog workout except for the clean and jerk

    • It was awesome to see you in early on such a beautiful morning Scotty. Well done buddy. :)

  4. Glen what a hero and what a hero wod!!! Huge thank you to Karen, JD, Cliff, Nick and all the crew this morning for helping me get over the line!! Was scrubbing my knees to get all the black rubber off me!!!! And nope it’s not rubber its bloody burpee bruises!!!! Thank you 4551’ers you rock!! The End :)

  5. Well done Sue – you made the decision at the start of that session that you wanted to do the whole lot and not cut back and you DID IT!!! Onya girl and to everyone that hit this one so far.

  6. Kurt- 27:33 RXD
    April – 36:39 30kg

    The hardest WOD ever especially getting swooped by crows!

  7. Crossfit 224 Wod
    50 v sit ups
    Run 400
    10-1 of
    Heavy wall balls (12kg)
    Chest to bar Pull ups

    Run 400
    50 DU’s


  8. Haha, Just for the record I didn’t spew. Felt a little nauseous maybe but didn’t blow chunks. ;)

  9. Well done to everyone who turned out for the very memorable hero WOD today. Gutsy efforts all round guys!!

  10. Sorry Smoke it was next to your name on the board and you were missing for a while ;)

  11. well done to everyone who came in and tackled glen today! solid effort just getting through it.
    lets see everyone backing up that effort by coming in tomorrow ;)

  12. I applaud every single one of you that did this workout – extremely tough. I did a modified version and probably only a quarter of what everyone else did and nearly died.

    Having just had 4 weeks off didn’t help but doing 100 burpees at the end of a WOD like that is not in my class notes.