WOD Tuesday 13/12/2011

4 Rounds for a total distance(m):
Bodyweight, Overhead Carry
Bodyweight, Prowler Push

Post total distance covered for each exercise over the four rounds.

Well done to all CF 4551 representatives who competed on the “Clash on the Coast” on the weekend. A BIG shout out and CONGRATS to Lauren on leading the comp going into the Final and finishing in 4th position overall!!

12 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 13/12/2011

  1. 5.30am (In order: OH Carry/Prowler Push)
    Shano.G 175 (65kg)/365 (65kg)
    Randall 162 (65kg)/370 (65kg)
    Matty.F 151 (65kg)/450 (75kg)

    Alli 200 (45kg)/122 (50kg)
    Kazzba 93 (40kg)/158 (60kg)
    Chase 330 (50kg)/232 (62.5kg)
    Kurt.H 205 (60kg)/220 (75kg)
    Lynda 225 (50kg)/131 (50kg)
    Suz 262 (40kg)/112 (50kg)
    Jayden 125 (60kg)/200 (75kg)
    Brucey 50/114 (75kg) rxd
    Adam 107/200 (90kg) rxd

    Kurt.N 160 (75kg)/160 (75kg)
    Corina 106 (37.5kg)/118 (50kg)
    Cliff 166/137 (77.5kg) rxd
    Aido 180/211 (67.5kg) rxd
    Hayley 240 (32.5kg)/123 (50kg)
    Brenno 160 (70kg)/173 (70kg)
    Ryno 43/146 (57.5kg) rxd
    Larns 160 (50kg)/122 (60kg)
    Brandoss 160 (75kg)/216 (80kg)
    Locky 141/156 (75kg) rxd
    Brucey 24.45 (mod)

    Chazz 180 (45kg)/138 (50kg)
    Liv 160 (40kg)/123 (60kg) Spewed!!
    Paula 160 (40kg)/185 (60kg)
    Shano.C 120/220 (75kg) rxd
    Hulk 108/197 (87.5kg) rxd
    Nathan 160 (40kg)/225 (60kg)
    Mel.P 120 (40kg)/155 (50kg)
    Kristen 320 (30kg)/148 (60kg)
    Tanners 180 (40kg)/161 (60kg)
    Gill 140 (50kg)/188 (60kg)
    Lara 160 (45kg)/67 (50kg)
    Matt.Mack 113 (70kg)/200 (70kg)
    Lauren 60/175 (52.5kg) rxd
    Leigha 80 (20kg)/208 (30kg)
    J.F.K 180/138 (85kg) rxd

    • Also a big congratulations to Locky, Brandon and Aidan for entering and representing 4551. I know you all did yourselves proud and just turning up for a competition makes you all winners!!!!!

  2. Just brilliant Lauren – and well done to Aido, Lock n Brandon you guys are awesome, also what a great team spirit, all you guys rocking up in your colours. 4551 Come Get Some!!!……….

  3. Well done Lauren! You are awesome.

    Locky your face in that photo is brilliant! Haha!

  4. Hey Guys, thanks for the wedding wishes hey 🙂

    we are at the goldie, yesterday we did 10 rounds of 5 push ups, 10 squats and 15 sit ups,

    today we did morning session surfed rainbow bay, cooloolangatta

    afternoon the burpee challenge,

    Matic 11 + 5
    Rob 13 + 11
    Vibeke 15 + 11

    finsher 100 metres walking lunges.

    tomorrow mount warning 🙂

  5. Haha. yes i spewed!
    worked well. and I’m so glad to be back!!

  6. Oh My i love the day when i can push more than my sister, she couldn’t even move it. RIPPINGG!! YEEWW haha.