WOD Tuesday 15/11/2011 Steve Irwin Day!!

Today marks a year today since Crossfit 4551 opened and on this day we payed our respects to a GREAT Aussie legend in Steve Irwin with a Hero WOD made by Chris at Coastal Crossfit. We hope to see everyone in to complete the workout in Steve’s honour.

“Steve Irwin”

3 Rounds for time:
30 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)
Broad Jump 20m (match no. of broad jumps with burpees)
Walking Lunge 20m

Post load and time to comments.

Click HERE to see and compare times from a year ago!!

A True Aussie Legend!!

19 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 15/11/2011 Steve Irwin Day!!

  1. Great way to celebrate 4551 turning one!!! Looking forward to it!!!

  2. 5.45am
    Lock Stock 7.55rxd
    Shano.G 9.52rxd
    Matty.F 12.01rxd
    Mull 14.27rxd

    Lynda 16.03 (12kg)
    Alli 14.21 (12kg)
    Kazz 9.32 rxd
    Rob 11.37 rxd
    Kristen 12.13 rxd
    Chase 16.35 rxd
    Kurt 12.18 rxd

    Brandan 8.10 rxd
    Ryno 9.26 rxd
    Brenno 15.34 rxd
    Adam 9.43 rxd
    Lauren 9.38 rxd
    Beck L 11.19 rxd
    Sheree 15.38 “CF Mum”
    Scotty T 14.54 rxd

    Big Nutts 8.30 rxd
    Mel 13.27 (12kg)
    Corina 18.34 rxd
    Larns 16.00 rxd
    Matty M 10.39 rxd
    Louise 18.07 (8kg)
    Leigha 20 mins (2 rds)
    Tanners 12.16 rxd
    Babs 17.59 rxd
    Gill 15.44 rxd

  3. Ah, I really wanna do this! I’m working until 6.30, try my best to leave early!

  4. Hey guys!! The link above does not seem to work from your iPhone’s so here are the results from last year’s ‘Steve Irwin’ WOD!! 🙂

    Mel Z 17.14 (16kg)
    Lyndall 12.17 (24kg)
    Jayden 13.52 (24kg)
    Lauren 13.53 rxd
    Cyn 14.53 (16kg)
    Nicole 18.51 (12kg)
    Tamara 15.51 rxd

    Karen 12.05 rxd
    Cliff 8.46 rxd

    .com (12min Amrap)
    5 Deadlift
    Run 400m

    Mick 6rds+5 (130kg)
    Cliff 6rds+5 (110kg)

    Lock stock 10.39 rxd
    Amanda 12.18 rxd
    Kendall 12.18 rxd
    Angie 18.58 (8kg)
    Nick.Z 10.31 rxd
    Albert 12.52 (16kg)
    Lee.D 12.52 (16kg) (spewed)
    Bulldog “Fran” 7.16 rxd

    Rob.W 13.54 rxd
    Ryan 8.41 (12kg) welcome

    Larns 17.01 rxd (spewed)
    Lara 19.01 (8kg)
    Gillian 18.39 (12kg)
    Shano 9.39 rxd

    Well done guys, thanks for a great first day!!

  5. Lohan’s holiday WOD
    200m walk to coffee shop – coffee
    3.6K walk beach/rocks to cotton tree – omelette
    1k walk to beach – ahhh

  6. Happy Anniversary 4551! So bummed I can’t make it in tonight, I would love to do this WOD again but I have Puppy School to go to! Enjoy everybody

  7. Thanks again Mick for the tech adjustments today on the KB swing – really surprised and chuffed as to how much difference it made!

    p.s. I did “hear” the previous advice you gave me a few weeks back, but I obviously didn’t “listen” – not too bright sometimes….!

  8. Happy 1st birthday 4551! What a great year it’s been, with great people! Hope to make a little difference on last years time – tonight!!! 🙂

  9. Great WOD this morning and Great people to do it with – love CrossFit 4551! That’s my gratitude for the day -Im grateful to have what we have at the shed!

    Ps. pretty stoked with PB too!

    Make it a great day all!

  10. Happy Birthday Crossfit.

    I remember watching this workout on my first day last year and thinking ‘I could never do that’.

  11. Happy birthday 4551!! Ur a legend Mick thanks for providing us with such a positive environment!!! So I hope we are having a 4551 Christmas gathering before you head off ??

  12. what a ripper of a workout!! r.i.p steve!!
    glad i finished it concidering im sick 🙁
    happy birthday 4551!!

  13. Thanks heaps guys, had a great day with u all! Thanks to the guys who rocked up and showed support to the box, 1 year down looking forward to many more with u all, cheers

    • Mickmunroe – I never got to post a special B’day wish today – apologies, but I’m saving it for tomoz ha ha 16th Nov, that will be a date I will never ever forget!