WOD Tuesday 16/08/2011

Clean 60kg (40kg)
Ring Dips


Post load and time to comments.


29 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 16/08/2011

  1. But I like the way elizabeth looks on the scoredboard at the moment, no need to go change it

    • Also happy birthday lynda!!
      hope you have a great day

  2. Happy Birthday Lyndal. How good do you look doing that handstand pushup. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

    • Sorry Lynda I spelt your name wrong. I apologize but it is 2.30am in the morning. Happy Birthday LYNDA.

  3. 5.45am
    Shano.G 16.41 (50kg)
    Jayden 10.50 (50kg PC)

    Alli 11.55 (30kg)
    Lynda 13.03 (30kg)
    Karen 10.59 (30kg)
    Bec.C 9.58 (30kg PC)
    Scotty.T 11.24 (60kg PC)
    Kurt 17.27 (30kg)
    Rob 16.04 (45kg)

    Matty 12.48 (40kg)
    Adam 12.13 (40kg)
    Ryno 8.39 (40kg)
    Shano.C 12.13 rxd
    Dale 14.23 rxd
    Shazz 10.15 (25kg)
    Chazz 10.15 (25kg)
    Paula 9.53 (25kg)
    Brendan ????
    Lauren 17.16 rxd
    Callan 8.11 (50kg)
    Liv 12.21 (20kg)

    Aido 8.59 rxd
    Cliffo 7.12 rxd
    Eliza 13.00 (20kg)
    Corina 11.21 (20kg)
    Gill 10.21 (30kg)

  4. Happy birthday lynda, hope you have a great day, Love the piccie!! Xo

  5. happy birthday lynda 🙂 hope you have a fab day! x

  6. Happy birthday Lynda – hope you have a great day 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Lynda, awesome handstand. Have a great day. See you all Friday..off to Tassie and Melbourne this week but will try to do as many of the WODs as possible

  8. yo yo Lynda – have a smashing day girl, hope its an extra special one for you! Sending hugs n loves and birthday kisses your way….X K

  9. Happy Birthday Lynda!! What a gorgeous day it is outside, hope you get to enjoy it 🙂

  10. Happy birthday Lynda!!! Hope you’re having a good one!

  11. Happy birthday lovely lady… Keep kicking ass at Crossfit 🙂

  12. Mick there is no way im going to be able to make it in today, this assignments got the better of me…

  13. Happy Birthday Lynda 🙂 Hope you have had a great day mate!

    Doing a double shift today so won’t be able to make it in.

  14. Happy birthday Lynda!! Hope you had an amazing day lovely!! 🙂 xx

    Thank you so much to everyone for all their well wishes and pressies for Wil. Mick and I are just still so dumbfunded that such a prefect little bundle is in our lives. He is feeding well (tooooo well!!) and sleeping wonderfully and is just an absolute treasure for us. He got accustomed to loud noises with the music at the shed and me playing music to him at home when he was still in my belly and I put him in his swing, which is next to our stereo, and put on some Pearl Jam while I was cooking dinner the other night and he fell asleep… He is just incredible. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon and introducing you to the love of our lives… 🙂
    Oh, and Wil says ‘come get some…’ 🙂 xx

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day and got pampered.

  16. Well done to the rxd machines of today, Cliffo “BIG NUTS” Davis with a cracking 7.12 rxd and to watch Lauren pump out a quality rxd was very inspiring for all watching, Well done guys!!

  17. Happyy birthdayy lyndaa 🙂
    hope you had a great dayy! 🙂