WOD Tuesday 16/09/2014


CROSSFIT 4551 would like to welcome Olivia Lohan to our awesome team of coaches!! As most of you know, Liv has been training with us for 4 years now. Liv has a background in swimming where she used to train every day and competed at a State level. She moved away from swimming when she and her family found CrossFit and has never looked back. Liv’s recent injection into the weightlifting scene came along at a chance meeting when Ben Turner (Olympic and Commonwealth weightlifting competitor) came to our box to take some of our members over the finer points of lifting. Ben saw the talent that Liv possesses and asked her there and then if she would like to come on board to do some serious lifting with him as her coach.
Up until now, Liv has competed in the CrossFit Games Opens and some friendly events including WODStock, but most recently, her weightlifting has seen her compete at the under 17’s State Championships and walk away with a gold medal, a spot on the Queensland lifting team and a trip to the Nationals in Tasmania in October. Liv has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to CrossFit and weightlifting, and has demonstrated the eagerness and commitment to continue her learning in this field, so it is with great pride we announce our newest intern coach, Olivia “Livdogs” Lohan!! Make sure that you show Liv the same respect that you show all of your 4551 coaches and give her a big congratulatory high five when you see her in the gym!! She has come an exceptionally long way and we look forward to seeing her grow with this new position on our coaching team!!

A) 15 mins to find 5RM Push Press


B) “Team Finisher”

In teams of 3 complete:
Max reps, Burpees
Max Calories, Rower

*Score for this WOD is total reps for Burpees and Calories. Athlete one does Burpees, athlete two rows for max Calories and athlete three rests. Change at any time but the team members must rotate stations in the same order/sequence.

Post load and total team reps to comments.






26 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 16/09/2014

  1. Wooooooooooohooooooooooo. Congrats Livdogs. Right where you belong.

  2. Omg love love love this Girl Power Plus congrats beautiful strong young lady well earn’t and total respect from this old fossil :)xo

  3. Thank you so much everyone, and more importantly my coach Mick! This is such an amazing opportunity and I can not wait to be apart of the team of coaches and to start coaching our amazing 4551 family of athletes!

    Come get some!

  4. This is awesome news! So proud of everything you do Livdogs. Can’t wait to get back home and do a session with you πŸ™‚

  5. HUGE congrats Liv. You have found your niche in life and will definitely excel at it! You are a little champ and have all of our respect. So proud of you. Bring it on!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah Livdogs, you’re always such a breath of fresh air and welcome everyone into the box with open arms and a big smile. So happy to hear you have joined the wonderful “coaching” team. You deserve it all, clearly look at all the love you have on here πŸ™‚

  7. welcome back Naz looking good just pacing yourself with the weights thought you were going to throw them through the roof

  8. Paula and I are so proud of you Olivia. You have come a long way in both your training (CrossFit and Weightlifting) and your maturity and we are very proud of you being given the opportunity to take this to the next level. Especially at 4551 with all the wonderful members and coaches. Thank you to Mick and Tamara for giving you this opportunity, I am sure Livdogs will serve you well. Oh and by the way Olivia, we are happy to train under you and you may now be our boss in the box but always remember its a long walk home πŸ™‚
    All our love and best Wishes Mum and Dad xxx

  9. Go liv!! Would have loved to have been coached by you kiddo. X

  10. Thank you all so much!
    Thank you also to my gorgeous parents, oh how you make me laugh. ☺️ But I am the boss now