WOD Tuesday 17/07/2012


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
Squat snatch 60kg (42.5kg)

Post load and time to comments.

The final WOD that confirmed the champ once again Rich Froning Jnr!!

4 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 17/07/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Jayden 15.23 (35kg)
    Megan 6.03 (20kg)
    Alan 5.39 (20kg)
    Shano.G 8.53 (40kg)
    Kurt.H 12.56 (40kg)
    Lisa 5.54 (12kg)
    Penny 6.20 (6kg)
    Carlie 5.52 (12kg)
    Cathy 6.55 (12kg)
    Livdogs 7.34 (30kg)
    Tommy 12.29 (40kg)

    Karen 19.46 (35kg)
    Sue 11.56 (6kg)
    J.D 20.12 (12kg)
    Matty.F 20.12 (40kg)
    Scotty.E 6.44 (40kg)
    Kurt.N 24.20 (40kg)
    Jenny 7.25 (6kg)
    Alli 7.56 (30kg)
    Paul 6.30 (20kg)
    Mimsy 5.36 (12kg) mod
    Mel.P 11.05 (25kg)
    Richo 8.09 (22.5kg)
    Mick 15.46 rxd
    Tobes 20.53 (30kg) mod

    Cliffo 17.41 rxd
    Simon 11.30 (20kg)
    Jayden 14.00 (30kg)
    Lauren 18.22 (40kg)
    Shano C
    Beck 7.16 (27.5kg)
    Rob skills
    Chazza 8.50 (35kg)
    Shelbs 10.53 (12kg)
    Hayley 6.59 (25kg)
    Mull 10.25 (25kg)
    Dal 11.12 (35kg)
    Grant 11.17 (25kg)
    Ryno 9.35 (42.5kg)
    J.F.K. 10.57 rxd
    Harro 13.15 (40kg)
    Mel P 33.03 (mod)
    Livdoggs 38.05 (mod)

    Justin 8.10 rxd
    Babs 9.54 (20kg)
    Izzy 9.28 (12kg)
    Fiona 9.38 (12kg)
    Bezza 7.36 (20kg)
    Scotty E 33.41 (mod)
    Stu 11.45 (50kg)
    Tanners 8.57 (20kg)
    Corina 12.43 (20kg)
    Chase 11.41 (35kg)
    Tracy 14.15 (mod)
    Pete 16.24 (25kg)
    Bianca 6,44 (35kg)
    Matty L 11.22 (mod)
    Kurt D 13.24 (20kg)

  2. Great workout . Looking forward to seeing who gets on the board. Who ever RXD’d this one deserves there name on the board.

    Well done Mick

  3. Cheers Tommy but well done to Justin (top of the scoreboard) and J.F.K on their times also to big nuts Davis on his rxd.

    Cracker of a turnout, great to see people backing up from yesty! A record attendance for the box with the numbers pushing up around 60. Must be people working on their short term goals which we will be following up or maybe people trying to improve attendance records??

    All in all well done guys, lets see if we can back it up with another big day tomorra 😉