WOD Tuesday 17/12/2012

“Death by muscle-up”


With a continuously running clock do one muscle-up the first minute, two muscle-ups the second minute, three muscle-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.


Use as many sets each minute as needed.


Post number of minutes completed to comments.




Smokin hulk

4 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 17/12/2012

  1. *Note: Scaling for today will require pull-ups so bring some tape as this one can be taxing on the hands!!

  2. Farkin kiddin me!!! Shoulders fucked after wodstock, maybe push this one back a week for me coach? You know I got this wod! Faaaarrrkkk!!!!!!

  3. 5am
    Lynne 11+8 p/u
    Kylie 11 p/u
    Carolyn 15 Back Ext (5kg)
    Cam 5 m/up pro/ 8 p/u
    Jimmy 3 rxd
    Matty.G 10+8 p/u
    Tom 10+8 p/u
    Cathy 10+9 p/u

    Kazza 11+11 p/u
    Wendy 10+5 p/u
    Sarah 15+7 p/u
    Shano 17 Back Ext (10kg)
    Kendall 11+8 p/u
    Grant 6 m/up pro/ 12+6 p/u
    Schmidt 11+11 p/u
    Corrine 16 p/u
    Reiven 13+12 p/u
    Rani 1+1 rxd
    Mac daddy 4+3 rxd
    Tamara 9+4 p/u

    Justin 5+4 rxd
    Mitchy 4+3 Bar M-up

    Mick.B 14+14 (mod)
    Bianca 4+4 R-Pull-up
    Cliffo 6+4 rxd
    Carol 10+6 p/u
    Jen.K 11+11 p/u
    Alli 12+11
    Sue 13+9
    Hayley.G 10+9
    Cian 11rds p/u
    Ellen 22rds (mod)

    Bez 11+8 p/u
    Keffy 6+3 rxd
    Latchy 8+8 rxd
    Tommy 3+1 Bar m/up
    Paula 11 p/u
    Corina 10+9 p/u
    Paul.R 10+8 p/u
    Wog 18 Back Ext (15kg)

    Pete.R 5+2 rxd
    Marty 4+4 rxd
    Bec.W 11+10 p/u
    Harry 5+3 rxd
    Misch 6+6 m/up pro
    Bulldog 10 p/u
    Stevo 4+4 rxd
    Hayley.M 15+13 p/u

  4. So makes my day to see the most awesome hulk back in the box go Joe:)) My awesome buddy Clifford who got me through Saturday safe and sound looks pretty massive in this shot also!! Great day awesome people and proud to be part of a community that is 4551:))) The End:))