WOD Tuesday 18/09/2012

Snatch balance

Post start and finish loads for working sets to comments.

Kurt.H with an impressive Kettlebell throw for distance in team event 4!!

18 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 18/09/2012

  1. Man we so carved up in this event. Ahem…. All of the events !luv being a part of the 4551 team- every member , in all 3 teams, pushed themselves and did us proud

  2. That is an amazing photo of very power packed athlete!!! Does it come with a rule book don’t try this at home??????

  3. What a fantastic action shot!!

    16 people at 5.30am – WTF?! It was great having the two coaches there, giving pointers and cues to the athletes. Thanks Aido and Mick 🙂

    Two more sleeps till Tough Mudder – can’t wait. Another trip away with a great bunch of people. COME GET SOME

    • Ha ha Meg’s love reading the posts first thing – 16 yeeeeewwww!!!
      Must admit I’m getting a tad bit nervous about Tough Mudder as now only starting to look at what we will actually have to do, I kinda put it out of my mind until yesterday arrrrrrggggghhhhhh ha ha ha. Game face will be on and can’t wait to hit the Mud and get wild!!!

      • See that dude with the burns across his face from the shocks. Gonna be great!!

        Keep an eye out for the opening of the Brisbane mudder next year in March, keen for some more!!

        • OMG just went on and viewed your course I think you will have to gaffa tape your shoes on!! I’m serious!!no 12 Twinkle toes looks like a chilling experience no 18 the slide looks the best fun of all!! Can’t wait to see the photos at the end you will all look like fuzzzy!! lammingtions after rolling in mud and hay!!! Video please!!!

  4. 5.30am
    Lynne 20-42.5kg
    Megan 20-35kg
    Carlie 20-27.5kg
    Shano.G 30-55kg
    Lisa 12-20kg
    Justin 70-95kg
    Daniel 6-12kg
    Chase 40-60kg
    Harro 40-75kg
    J.F.K 60-85kg
    Livdogs 32.5-50kg
    Paula 20-27.5kg
    Tommy mobility
    Ellen 6-12kg
    Jenny.B 6-12kg
    Penny 20kg across

    Cliffo 40-70kg
    Hayley 35-55kg
    Stevo 30-45kg
    Shelbs 6-22.5kg
    Jenni.P 6-20kg
    Sue 6-20kg
    Matty.F 45-70kg
    Scotty.E 40-70kg
    Gilli 20-37.5kg
    Alli 35-50kg
    Karen 20-32.5kg
    Flick 12-22.5kg

    Kurt H 40-60kg
    Alan H 12-20kg
    Mick 40-60kg
    Beck 32.5-50kg
    Harro skills
    Ben 12-40
    Hayley 14.43
    Chazza 35-50kg
    Shano C
    Heidi 12kg (1)
    Mull 32.5-45kg
    Mitch 12-40kg
    Mel P 30-45kg
    Tracy 12 (1)

    Randy 55kg
    Pete 40-50kg
    Paul 20-40kg
    Babsy 20-45kg
    Michelle 12-32.5kg
    Harro 60-77.5kg
    Bianca 30-40kg
    Mel P 14.51 (mod)

  5. WOW guys what a great turn out, some great lifting!!

    That is a new shed record for 5.30am also, well done all!!

  6. Great start to the day! Did the Stampede couple of weeks ago the shocks obstacle at the end is crazy, all I can say is go through as fast as you can:-) Yep that is an awesome pic!!!


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    • Thanks Deegz. Also, everyone should have received an email with the waiver form. Please print this out, sign it and bring it with you. Ta

    • That accomodation looks awesome… Cant wait to take over the place.. Gonna be so much fun.. Warm up my forearms for all the beer dunmbell curls