WOD Tuesday 19/06/2012

Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
40 Sit-ups
30 Medicine ball cleans, 10kg (6kg)
20 Pull-ups
10 Handstand push-ups

Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Carlie!!

15 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 19/06/2012

  1. Holy crap what a beast that guy would pop anyone’s cherry!!!! Bahahaha

  2. Happy birthday Carlie!!! Hope you have a GaGa of a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 5.30am
    Megan 21.07 (6kg) mod
    Alan 16.43 (10kg)
    Shano.G 22.34 (10kg)
    Carlie 24.16 (3kg)
    Tommy 19.35 (10kg)
    Livdogs 26.37 (6kg)
    Mull & Jack

    Suz 34.40 ??
    Flick 33.41 (3kg)
    Mick 22.53 rxd
    Karen 23.28 (6kg)
    Sue 30.05 (3kg)
    Kristen 31.32 (6kg)
    Scotty.E 29.56 (10kg)
    Johnny.D 28.34 (6kg)
    Alli 29.26 (6kg)
    Jenni.P 27.40 (3kg)
    Richo 30.36 (10kg)

    Cliffo 16.58 rxd
    Hulk 22.54 rxd
    Aido 14.41 rxd
    Tamara 14.28 (mod)
    Mimsy 16.53 (mod)
    Livdoggs 19.35 (42.5kg)
    Pete 25.20
    Matt L 22.44 (mod)
    Chazza 26.48 (6kg)
    Lauren 21.15 rxd
    Mull 25.08 (5kg)
    Dal 23.10 rxd
    Paula 27.02 (5kg)
    Shano C 21.10
    Cal 22.20 rxd

    Misch 27.11 (3kg)
    Gill 27.56 (6kg)
    Scotty.E skills
    Chase 28.36 (10kg)
    J.F.K 20.41 rxd
    Harro 28.52 rxd
    Babsy 30.54 ??
    Tanners 26.02 ??
    Smoke 30.45 rxd
    Mel.P 25.01 (6kg)
    Larns DNF
    Leigha 34.42 (3kg)
    Issy 26.35 (5kg)
    Fiona 32.08 (6kg)

  4. Happy Birthday Carlie have a fantastic day xoxoxo

  5. Hi 4551ers,
    After 5 years of being coached by big Mick, We are departing at the end of the week. We are moving to the Rum capital of Australia โ€“ Bundaberg. It is sad to leave such top people and great friends. A big thanks to Mick for training us for so long and introducing us to CrossFit, youโ€™re a top bloke with great trainers and a fantastic box to train in. We will be coming back for regular visits (man-showers etcโ€ฆ) and will keep in touch.
    Take care peeps, hope to see you for a few drinks on Friday night at CBX from 7pm.

    • Hi Scotty and Sheree – it is very sad to see you leave the box but we wish you and Madison all the best for your new life in Bundy. It has been great fun training with you over the last 1.5 yrs at Crossfit. Hope that you both keep it up in Bundaberg….all the best mate. Paula and I are away this weekend so we won’t be able to make the CBX on Friday unfortunately. See u for a beer at the next man shower .

    • Scotty & Sheree,

      I was very sad when I found out you were leaving us. I have really enjoyed training with you guys over the years and will miss seeing you around the box and at social gatherings. You are both absolutely awesome and it won’t be the same without you. (Scotty you have produced some memorable performances over the years) I m also going to miss our visits by little Miss Madison, she is growing up so quickly and getting cuter by the day. I have Sheree’s number and will keep in touch. I hope your new life in Bundaberg is everything you wish for.
      Take care, be good and most importantly stay healthy and be happy.

    • Scottie & Sheree, you will be so missed by your cross fit family. You are beautiful soles who are inclusive, generous, gentle people. I have enjoyed working out with you Scott, the sincerity and passion you share is contagious its very hard to be in a bad mood around you. I will never forget the comment you made quietly to me during the games WOD you stood next to me and marvelled at the energy in the room and said “How lucky are we that this is something we can all participate in and that Mick encourages us all and we all can be part of something huge”, your perspective was priceless gold star in positivity, although I am less terrified now, I hang onto those thoughts and am so glad to have met you. Sheree your journey through pregnancy and the arrival of gorgeous Maddison was a box highlight thank you for the sharing your heart with me also including me as part of the community many thanks and best wishes for you all xxxx

  6. Happy B”day Carlie – have a extra special day chick!!! Chat soon

  7. Certainly gonna be missed BIG T, been a pleasure to know and train yourself and Mrs T. It’s people like u both that make Crossfit what it is and an absolute joy to be a part of. Make sure we all make the effort to get to the CBX at 7pm and give the Thompson’s a deserving farewell.

  8. Big English, when were they following you around to make that video of you, shit youre awesome, just massive!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Happy Birthday Carlie! Hope you had a great day!

    Mr & Mrs T, sucks that you guys are going! Best wishes though!

    I reckon my time tonight should be 24.04! Damn rope breaking before my first double under! Mick, I can’t believe you found that tiny little piece, thanks!

  10. Happy Birthday Carlie!

    Scotty, Sheree & Maddison T, good luck with your move up to Bundy, you will be missed that is for sure. I have enjoyed the last few years of CrossFitting and socialising with you guys, you’re awesome! I will keep the Thommo name going at 4551 for us ๐Ÿ™‚ x