WOD Tuesday 19/07/2011

Press 1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5

Post heaviest load for each lift to comments.

A Big night with “Karen”

17 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 19/07/2011

  1. WOW, that was a big Monday! See ya’s at 0915

  2. Spots are filling up quickly guys so ensure of your spot by paying and getting in first!

    Try book in each week as each week will be different, he will be breaking down all different lifts!!

    Don’t be scared to book in every week. This is a great opportunity that will certainly help your Weight/Olympic lifts for your future training.

    Remember to pay in full before putting your name on the board!!

  3. A coach is someone who gets you to DO what you may not want to DO so you can BE everything you’ve always dreamed you could BE!

    Thanks Mick for all that you do – your CrossFit 4551 crew are truly amazing and doing wonderful things – You are a true Leader and I’m sure everyone agree’s.

  4. 5.45am
    Shano.G 57.5/65/60
    Cyn 30/32.5/25
    Paul 45/50/55

    Scotty.T 57.5/60/57.5
    Lynda 41/47.5/50
    Lockstock 55/66/60
    Aimee 10kg DB/22.5 BB/22.5 BB
    Chase 50/52.5/47.5
    Bec.C 35/45/45
    Richo 50/60/55

    Paula 40/40/40
    Liv 27.5/32.5/32.5
    Chazz 37.5/37.5/37.5
    Spruce 65/75/70
    Mr Crossfit 50/55/50
    Kazz 37.5/40/40
    Cliff 50/77.5/82.5

    Matty.H 65/72.5/75
    Mull 35/45/45
    Aido 55/65/70
    Jayden 50/62.5/50
    Rob 50/60/55
    Beck L 38.5/45/42.5
    Ryno 42.5/55/50
    Pablo 80/90/85
    J.F.K. 60/65/70
    Lauren 37.5/50/52.5
    Tim B 40/47.5/41

    Sara 35/40/40
    Tim 50/67.5/62.5
    Lara 35/40/32.5
    Gilli 42.5/50/35
    Tanners 32.5/40/40
    Smokin 72.5/75/77.5
    Corina 30/32.5/35
    Kurt 50/60/60
    Shano C 50/65/67.5
    Babs 35/40/40
    Sheree 12.10 “Baby Mannion”
    Matt Mc 50/62.5/62.5

  5. Hay Everyone…..

    Some of you might not be aware that my oldest daughter Ariana attends Currimundi Special School as she has a rare disorder called “Williams Syndrome” 1 in 20 000 children are born with this without any reason as to why!!!

    Every year Both Currimundi and Nambour special schools do a Island Swim which is 11km around Old Woman Island.. As of last year some of the kids at both school also do the swim in the pool at Currimundi Special School.. Ariana will be swimming some of the 11k’s but she needs sponsers….

    If you are able to help her by sponsoring her for swim can you please leave your money and name with Mick and I will collect from him. She will be swimming on the 27th of July….Thanks heaps

    Bec Carter

    • Nice one Bec – you should see my garage at the moment – there was a garage sale for the Currimundi Special School on Saturday and all donations went to the school – I think our family bought half the garage bahahhhaa

      • Hi Karen….Yes my mum went down to see what they had…And somehow Ariana comes back with stuff I was trying to get rid of!!!! Don’t know how that works

  6. No worries Bec, i’m sure if we pass round the hat we can get at least a few gold coin donations, Lets do it guys, bring your spare change in tonight!!

    We will leave a bucket at the entrance!!

  7. Lyndal and I will be dragging a few kids through the swim as well! I mean, we’ll be “assisting a few kids through the swim…”

    • Thanks Mick and everyone at CF4551. I have told Ariana that CF are collecting for her swim….She is very excited about it….Will post pictures next week on FB her swimming her laps!

  8. Hey everyone! Spewing I’m missing this one, this is one of my favourite sessions.

    Today’s WOD:

    50 Med Ball Cleans (6kg)
    10 KB Turkish Getups (16kg)
    40 Med Ball cleans
    8 KB Turkish Getups
    30 Med Ball Cleans
    6 KB Turkish Getups
    20 Med Ball Cleans
    4 KB Turkish Getups
    10 Med Ball Cleans
    2 KB Turkish Getups

    Those Med Ball cleans were killers!

    Well done to Lynda for topping the board yesterday. That is unreal!! πŸ™‚

  9. Was feeling guilty about missing the wall balls yesterday (Thanks Paula πŸ™‚ ) so I went back to the gym tonight and did 150 squat thrusters (25kg) 14.23. Not as tough as the wall ball I don’t think but at least I will be feelin the pain like the rest of ya….earned a little red in the lounge I recon.. πŸ™‚

    • PS… I am sat in the lounge surrounded by free food but I am sat here with my 4 block chicken deli meal. (and a little red to wash it down hehehe!)

  10. Haha nice Tommy love it mate!!

    Another crackin night along with some nice lifting!! Well done guys 40 people again, keep up the consistency!!