WOD Tuesday 21/04/2015

A) Three attempts at a max rep effort:
Double unders

-This will count for the new scoreboard.
-Highest score of consecutive reps from your three attempts will count.
-A ten rep leniency rule will apply.
-10min cap to complete efforts.

B) As many rounds as possible in 15mins of:
3 Wallclimbers
15 Goblet squats, 24kg (16kg)
30 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
15 Goblet squats

-One load, one kettlebell per person.

Post highest rep effort, loads and total reps to comments.





13 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 21/04/2015

  1. Awesome Video!
    Nice to see everyone starting to get back on track getting consistent with their training ☺️

  2. Mick and Bianca, king n queen of the DU so far. Will anyone take them down this arvo?

  3. Great to see William Wallace back in the hood today!!

  4. Wwwwwwaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllaaaaacccceeeee… Came out from under the bed

  5. Today’s WOD was 5 rounds of:
    400m run
    20 squats
    20 push ups

  6. Welcome back Corina, great to see you again, now all we need is me mate Kurt back in 😉

  7. Big congrats on everyone’s efforts today, so much improvement in everyone’s double Unders, love it!!

    • My hubby and daughter got 2 double unders Pb woot hoot :))))

      • Sure did Sue, Cian looks like she’s just about ready to crack through the barrier and start getting consistent consecutive reps. Onya Thommos!!

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