WOD Tuesday 21/06/2011 (Day 16 of 25)

Sumo Deadlift

Max Reps, Handstand Push-ups

Post load and reps to comments.

5 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 21/06/2011 (Day 16 of 25)

  1. EPIC! emmmmm easy on the eye too – yeeewwwwwww

  2. 5.45am
    Shano.G 100-120kg 3 rxd
    Paul 100-125kg 6(r)
    Cyn 50-70kg 16(24″)

    Cliff 120-140kg/22 rxd
    Cherise (Front Squats 40-50kg)
    Lynda 60-95kg
    Alli 60-77.5kg/12
    Lockstock 100-120kg/9 rxd
    Richo 100-115kg/11
    Sheree 55kg across/19

    Rob 120-135kg/1 rxd
    Bec 60-72.5kg/2 rxd
    Liv 40-57.5kg/10 (b+r)
    Charlotte Charlotte3 60-82.5kg/9 (b+r)
    Paula 60-82.5kg/11 (r+r)
    Lyndal 80-115kg/5 rxd
    Mel 75-90kg/9 (b+r)
    Tommy 135-160kg/4 rxd
    Brucey 120-140/6 rxd

    Lauren 60-90/13 rxd
    Ryno 100-120/8 rxd
    Wog 100-130kg
    Kazza 70-95kg/46 GHDs
    Alphonsae 90-120kg
    Aido 100-125kg/4 rxd
    Crossfit 19-126kg/1 rxd

    Kurt 100-125kg/16
    Corina 40-70kg/17
    Pablo 100-135kg/5 rxd
    Lahnee 40-65kg/15
    Lloy 45-72.5kg/12
    Michelle.M 60-85kg/13
    Lara 60-80kg/13
    Gilli 50-75kg/15
    Jess 40-60kg/10
    Larns 65-95kg

  3. Just letting all the blokes know who are attending micks man-shower. I will finalize numbers and accommodation tomorrow. If you can’t make it and have your name on the boad let me know. Should be a fun filled day with other manly men.

  4. had to do 5 reps at 130 just for mr crossfits sake ahaha

  5. Well done to Lloy, Lahnee and Pablo tonight!!

    I thought i’d never see the day Mr Crossfit pumped out an unassisted Handstand Push-up, Well done mate u are the greatest!!