WOD Tuesday 23/06/2015

A) 12mins to find your 1RM:
Weighted pull-up


B) For time:
Run 1.6km
Rest 3mins
Run 1.2km
Rest 2mins
Run 800m
Rest 1min
Run 400m

Post load and time to comments.


11 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 23/06/2015

  1. Don’t do the run as my shin splits are starting to creep back so did a mod WOD in my shed.

    17.5kg 1RM weighted pull up – PB!

    • Haha 5am crew talk the talk and don’t turn up!

      • No cherry picking here mate. I’m legitimately sick. Ask everyone at work. Just wish I could get out of work also!!!

  2. Hey guys finished work early so done a home wod . More for strict quality than time.
    10 strict pull ups
    15 floor press(40kg)
    20 strict hanging leg raises
    15 front squats (40kg)
    5 rounds rest 2 minutes between rounds. 36.10. Tough wod.

    • Thanks browneye hope you are home soon missing you at 5 am 🙂

  3. 18kg/20:30rxd
    Did the word on the treadmill

  4. Not sure why my post didn’t work.
    Missed the 4:45 session by 10mims, did the run at home in 25:45.