WOD Tuesday 23/09/2014

12 mins to work a skill


In teams of 2-3 complete:

As many rounds as possible in 25mins of:
60 Wallball Shots 10kg (6kg)
60 Toes to bar
120 Double Unders

*Reps can be broken up however though you must keep the same order of rotation between athletes.

Post skill, load, rounds and reps to comments.







6 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 23/09/2014

  1. Was great being back at my old home 😉 awesome to see you all and have a wod!

  2. Some awesome achievements this morning, well done to Lisa who climbed the rope to the 15 foot target for the first time, Shelbs for banging together 15 consec double Unders (first time consec reps) and Elisa also stringing consec Double Unders together for the first time. Great to see girls 🙂

  3. Well done Lisa great achievement! also nice work Shelby and Elisa on your D/Us