WOD Tuesday 23/11/10

Overhead Squat

5 minutes of max reps:
Overhead Squat 40kg (30kg)

Post load and reps to comments

14 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 23/11/10

  1. 5.45am (3’s/2’s/1’s/workout)
    Cyn 6kg/6-20kg/23kg/8 reps(20kg)
    Lauren 30kg/36kg/40kg/17 reps rxd
    Jayden 30kg/35kg/42.5kg(fs)/38 reps(40kg fs)
    Nicole 6kg/6kg/20kg/31 reps(6kg)
    Mel.Z 25kg/32.5kg/40kg/11 reps rxd

    Sheree 27.5kg/32.5kg/37.5kg/ 22reps(25kg)
    Scott 35kg/42.5kg/45kg/ 25reps(30kg)
    Richo 35kg/45kg/47.5kg/ 34reps(30kg)
    Trina 40kg/45kg/47.5kg/ 37reps rxd
    Mim Tech/ Dowel 52 reps
    Lyndal 50kg/57.5kg/61kg/ 65reps rxd
    Lock stock 40kg/50kg/55kg 29reps(30kg)

    10.30am .com
    Push Press

    Cliff 75kg
    Mick 85kg
    Brad 95kg
    Guy 92.5kg

    Nipples 30kg/32.5kg/40kg/ 20reps(20kg)
    Brucey 30kg/35kg/37.5kg/ 23reps(30kg)
    Nick.Z 60kg/72.5kg/77.5kg
    Chriso 8rds (mod)
    Jim 4rds (mod) Welcome
    Amanda 20kg across/ 25reps(20kg)

    Ryan Tech/ 79(6kg)
    Alana 30kg/37.5kg/40kg 19reps rxd
    Prince 30kg/37.5kg/40kg 49 reps(25kg)
    Lee.D 35kg/37.5kg/45kg 30reps(25kg)
    Tamara 35kg/42.5kg/50kg 28reps rxd

    Rubo 60kg/70kg/80kg 52reps rxd
    Gillian 20kg across 37reps(6kg)
    Beck 20kg/25kg/35kg 55reps(25kg)
    Rob 40kg/42.5kg/47.5kg 30reps(30kg)

  2. Well done morning crew on your overhead squats. Sorry I missed this morning but I have developed a sore throat and was feeling a little poorly this morning – hopefully I will be at the 9.15am session.

  3. the shoulders would be in pain after that strength session then that 5 minutes afterwards ouch . definately doing ohs on friday arvo 4pm session this week my ohs need major work

  4. Oh I really need to work on these BIG TIME its my biggest weakness. Won’t make it again today – me is a little sick girl! Normally I would workout but I reckon my bones would snap in half the way I’m feeling.

  5. Stoked with my 7.5kg PB for 1’s today! Feeling on a high. Bring on the happy dance. Giddy up!

  6. 7am

    Seven rounds for time of:
    5 Handstand push-ups
    85kg Deadlift, 10 reps
    10 Chest to bar pull-ups
    20 Double-unders



  7. Think we have a 20 kg pb on our hands for a 1. Thanks heaps for today, the vibe of the new box is awsome!

  8. Some bloomin great lifting there today – you guys are all on fire! I’m missing it terrible which means CrossFit is like a drug to me, I’m highly addicted! Hope to be back on feet tomoz.