WOD Tuesday 24/07/2012

Bench Press

(Rob Orlando 143-143-143-143-147kg x3)

Post loads to comments.

Some great tips for food organisation with the 2nd fittest man (2012) and his wife!!

18 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 24/07/2012

  1. That video sounds like our Sundays. Farmer’s markets, Patton’s, Woolies. 3 hours in the kitchen, 10 lunches, 2 dinners and 4 breakfasts made and stored in individual containers, fruit for the week cut up, meat individually bagged for the week, extra protein cooked for snacks and a roast made for that night. It’s an absolute bitch of a process on the ONLY day of the week that neither of us work, but it saves us so much time throughout the week that it’s worth it!

    • and can I just say Mel – because of this ONE DAY of PREP (key word used in the video) yourself and Dal are reaping the benefits of this!!! A huge credit to you guys to commit to it.

  2. I see why you girls are going great guns your nutrition sounds top notch!!!

  3. 5.30am
    Megan 20-30kg
    Alan 50-62.5kg
    Kurt.H 70-90kg
    Hulk 70-80kg
    Penny 20-37.5kg
    Lynne 20-37.5kg
    Carlie 20-32.5kg
    Cathy 20-32.5kg
    Lisa 20-27.5kg
    Kurt.D 60-70kg
    Livdogs 20-35kg
    Paula 30-45kg
    Harro 50-60kg
    Mel.P 20-38.5kg

    Matty.F 70-90kg
    Stevo 60-85kg
    Ryno 50-62.5kg
    Karen skills
    Richo 50-60kg
    J.D 20-40kg
    Alli 35-42.5kg
    Jenni 20-25kg
    Sue 20-32.5kg
    Kurt.N 50-65kg

    Dal 50-60kg
    Lauren 30-42.5kg
    Jayden 50-62.5kg

    Cliffy 50-67.5kg
    Livdoggs 14.45 (50kg)
    Chazza 30-40kg
    Chase 50-56kg
    Aido 60-65kg
    Rob 1.2k run/21-15-9 60kg D/L & ghd situps (13mins)
    Beck 35-45kg
    Mull 27.5-37.5kg
    Simon 60-80kg
    Hayley 25-37.5kg
    Shelby 20-22.5kg
    Mel P 12.59 (mod)
    Harro 10.18 (mod)

    Bezza 30-42.5kg
    Tanners 20-30kg
    Tracy 20-25kg
    Corina 25-37.5kg
    Randy 60-75kg
    Cal 60-70kg
    Stu 60-65kg
    Babsy 30-50kg
    Smokin 70-80kg
    Paul 30-50kg
    J.F.K. 70-82.5kg
    Pete 60-70kg
    Bianca 45-55kg

  4. Awesome job morning crew. Some great PB’s and great technique seeing a few hadn’t done bench press before 🙂 Well done!

  5. Congrats to Stevo on getting into his first muscle-up this morning, top effort mate and great to have you back again.

  6. Wish I had of stayed to see that all that hard work has paid off well done!!!!!

  7. Completed my workout for today-2km row for warmup and then completed today’s workout 80-120kg and then another 1km row to finish

  8.  Unbroken Double-Unders (2 mins to get the most unbroken)

    – 12

  9. Onya Scotty, nice one to blow out those cobwebs from the weekend bud. Keep it up Tommy!!

  10. Sorry all my message didn’t get through.

    I could only get 12 unbroken in the first 2 mins aaarrrh

    Then a 8 Min “Mary” anrap – 4 rounds (scaled)

    then 100 DU’s

    Then a 8 min “Cindy” – 6+10 rxd

    Then 5 mins of DU’s – 95

    Then – Died