WOD Tuesday 27/11/2012

Split jerk 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

Alternate stance for each rep.

Post start and heaviest loads for working sets to comments.

How’s your running??

18 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 27/11/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Megzi 20-42.5kg
    Alan technique
    Shane.C ?
    Liv 30-55kg
    Lisa 12-25kg
    Lynne 20-47.5kg
    Ellen 12-25kg
    Matty.F 60-92.5kg
    Brucey 30-60kg
    Jenny B 20-37.5kg
    Suz 20-35kg
    Grant 20-35kg
    Paula 20-47.5kg

    Chazza 30-50kg
    Sue 12-32.5kg
    JD 12-37.5kg
    Kurt N 40-75kg
    Corina 27.5-42.5kg
    Alli 20-45kg
    Stevo mod
    Karen 25-50kg
    Jenni P 12-25kg
    Pauly G 20-60kg
    Flick ??
    Richo 40-70kg
    Corey ??

    Wog 60-80kg
    Aido 50-70kg
    Lock 60-80kg
    Simmo 40-62.5kg press
    Mel P 20-55kg
    Hulk 70-92.5kg
    Justin 80-115kg
    Ben 20-55kg
    JFK 60kg across
    Mull 25-55kg
    Dal 40-75kg

    Savage 60-80kg
    Smokin 55-75kg
    Tanners 30kg across push press
    Scotty E 60-95kg
    Hayley 20-50kg
    Michelle 30-45kg
    Gilli 35kg across
    Tracy 12-20kg
    Shelby 12-30kg
    Rachel 12-30kg
    Cliffo 55-85kg

  2. Thanks Nick and Aido for all the tips and encouragement this morning! 🙂

    • Paula that was Liv’s fault lol she was playing teacher and re-wrote the whiteboard list!! 🙂

      • Lisa, can’t believe Olivia missed me from the list. Wait until she comes home……….

  3. Fancy Liv forgetting her own mother!! I reckon there will be repercussions for that Livdogs!! Hahaha

    • Haha yeah Megan Olivia will be doing the dishes tonight.

  4. Sorry 9.15am guys will have your results posted ASAP, had to bolt after session!

    Top efforts and some great lifting this morning 🙂

  5. Taking today as tomorrows rest day and will do today’s wod at home tomorrow as I don’t have the equipment up here.

  6. Hey so nice to see Flick back and Jenny missed you guys!!:)
    And so stoked I got to 32.5 Yeh I’m like the Mona Lisa Painted by Leonardo da Vinci it took 4 years! I have hope my work in progess is moving slowly but hallelujah!!! I love Crossfit 4551 you guys are Gold!!!

  7. Hey gang up noosa for a week, Monday did 5km run 23.29 mins. Today 10xpush ups, sit ups and squats x 10 rounds didn’t get time as Eli took of with phone to play angry birds.