WOD Tuesday 27/12/2011

For time:
100 Push-ups

(Every time you break a set perform: 15 Air squats)

Post sets and time to comments.

12 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 27/12/2011

  1. Hi everyone merry Xmas finally got Internet access down south!
    Looking forward to this WOD and logging in each day now.
    Have only managed two workouts since leaving qld!

    Crown metropol gym:
    2km row Once
    2km run treadmill once
    20 overhead squats (20kg)
    40 jabs crosses (boxing) L&R arm
    40 hooks L&R
    40 uppercuts L&R
    3 rounds each
    40 burpees
    40 situps
    36min approx

    Xmas eve :
    2km cross country snake jumping run
    50 ringdips (tripcepdips),
    50 elevated pushups strict,
    50 situps,
    50 burpees
    50 full air squats
    31.10 min

    Will try and stay connected and post each day now.
    Can’t wait to get back to normality/ routine and Crossfit family!!
    Hope the calendar is ok haven’t seen one yet!
    Cheers x x

    • Hi Kristen, would have loved to see the 2km Cross country snake jumping run, I would have never have done it 🙂 Good on you. And by the way the Calendar was great 🙂

      • Hi Beck thanks for the calendar comment haven’t seen it and did it online so have no idea what it’s like hopefully u got one, we are on a farm in victoria an my hubby has just gone on his cross country run fingers crossed he returns unharmed, my mum had a large brown trying to enter the back door last week ( that doesnt sound right does it? Hahaha cheers Kristen

  2. 11.58 rxd-ish (did first 3 pushups of each round with only chest touching ground, remainder of round dropping into pushups) 12 rounds