WOD Tuesday 28/04/2015


A) 15mins to find your 6RM:
Push Press

-From the racks.


B) For time:
10 Strict press, (50% body weight)
10 Burpees over the bar
15 Push press, (75% body weight)
15 Burpees over the bar
20 Push jerk, (body weight)
20 Burpees over the bar

-Adjust your own bars.
-All lifts from the deck.
-Beginners hold one load for all lifts.

Post loads and time to comments.




5 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 28/04/2015

  1. What an awesome morning with nearly 50 through the doors this morning. Great to see the old J-dog in the house today, welcome back old son!!

  2. Welcome back Jayden so awesome to see you back in the 4551 🙂

  3. Another crackin day for attendance, 64 people getting amongst it. Keep it rolling guys, well done!!