WOD Tuesday 30/11/10


As soon as last Deadlift for set is complete,
perform a max effort of Handstand Pushups.

Post starting, finishing loads and total reps to comments.

17 Comments on “WOD Tuesday 30/11/10

  1. 5.45am
    Nick ‘Fran’ 6.42 rxd
    Cyn 30-55kg/48
    Lauren 35-52.5kg Front squat/46
    Jayden 80-100kg/65
    Lachlan 100-120kg/11 rxd

    9.15 am
    Trina 80-100kg/46
    Karen 75-87.5kg/35
    Pam 50-57.5kg/65
    Richo 100-122.5kg/38

    10.30am .com
    Run 1600 meters
    Rest 3 minutes
    Run 1200 meters
    Rest 2 minutes
    Run 800 meters
    Rest 1 minute
    Run 400 meters

    Mick 5.51-4.28-2.57-1.17, total=14.33
    Brad 5.55-4.55-3.12-1.28, total=15.28
    Cliff 6.28-4.50-3.08-1.26, total=15.52

    Bulldog 145kg/32 rxd
    Mel Z 70-90kg/47
    Lynda 30kg across/48 Welcome
    Nipples 120-140kg
    Jimbo 50kg across/40
    Prince 90-105kg/40
    Calvin 90-105kg/43
    Smithers 60-65kg/42

    Dale 60-85kg
    Ryan 60-85kg
    Tamara 70-95kg
    Mario 125-127.5kg/51 rxd

    Gillian 50-80kg/62
    Lara 52.5-70kg/46
    Rob 135-142.5kg/66
    Beck 60kg across/50
    Michelle 65-100kg/38
    Alana 85-110kg

  2. Some top efforts this morning guys and some very nice pb’s! well done to all.

  3. I feel like i’ll never be back in.. fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!!
    Very frustrating not to be able to work out!!
    I must be crazy because im actually missing getting flogged in the mornings..crazy stuff! ;)

  4. Hey Nik, hope you are feeling much better, I know how you feel I was the same last week and missed it terrible, you’ll be back into it before you know it.

    Richo well done mate on 122.5kg DL WOW!
    Trina you machine – awesome lifting this morning!

    • cheers karen, your doing awesome yourself!!!!!
      way to go Richo!!!!!!

  5. Some awesome PB’s smoked by the 9.15am crew, Well done guys!! Remember to go to the new PB link everyday to see who is improving! Remember if u don’t write it on the PB board upstairs it won’t be recorded on the website!!

  6. I didn’t do deadlifts today because of my hand. I did front squats instead – 35 – 52.5kg

  7. Sorry about the white board I promise to clean it tomorrow.

  8. hahahah goood effort globo!

    well after doing fran this morning i was buggered, but still pulled out a pb on the deadlifts. also did my hspu’s with the 20kg plates for added depth, shit hurt!

  9. What a cool day for everyone…Nic and the morning crew THANKYOU , couldn’t have done it without you !!

  10. awsome atmosphere in the shed tonight….. :)happy with my results

  11. Go nick with the PB followng Fran this morning.
    No nanny nappin needed lol
    Great effort

  12. Great numbers in today! Awsome to see the 4551 shed producing so many pb’s. Loving the atmosphere :)