WOD Wednesday 01/08/2012


Five rounds for time of:
Bear crawl, 30m
Standing broad-jump, 30m

Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps. If you’ve got a 20kg (10kg) vest or body armor, wear it.

Kevin Montoya 8:01 (10kg vest), Dave Leys 9:15 (10kg vest), Lucas Zepeda 10:16 (10kg vest), Laurie Galassi 11:20 (9kg belt), Pat Sherwood 14:00 (10kg armour).

Post time to comments.


Field Training Officer Timothy Quinn Brenton, 39, of the Seattle Police Department, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting while on duty on October 31, 2009. He is survived by his wife Lisa, his son Quinn, and daughter Kayliegh.

16 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 01/08/2012

  1. Well, if that isn’t motivation to increase the distance of my broad jump, I don’t know what is!!

  2. Happy birthday Fiona! Hope you have an awesome day :)

  3. 5.30am
    Alan 4.24 rxd
    Kurt.H 4.25 rxd
    Megan 6.12 rxd
    Cathy 14.35 rxd
    Shano.G 13.03 rxd
    Tommy 9.48 rxd
    Paula 12.01 rxd
    Shelbs 22.49 rxd

    Sue 17.07
    Mick 7.15 rxd
    Cliff 14.00 (20kg Vest)
    Scotty.E 14.57 (10kg Vest)
    Alli 14.58 rxd
    Simmo 8.23 rxd
    Jenni 16.27 rxd
    J.D (4rds)
    Richo 14.35 rxd
    Paul 11.11 rxd

    Mel P 16.32 rxd (10kg vest)
    Chase 10.35 rxd
    Livdoggs 18.00 (10kg)
    Hulk 9.59 rxd
    Kurt N 11.09 rxd
    Rob 10.33 (mod)
    Beck 11.40 rxd
    Aido 6.19 rxd
    Hayley 12.45 rxd
    Cal 8.15 rxd
    Lauren 10.31 rxd
    Donna 10.51
    J.F.K. 6.10 rxd
    Grant H 12.50 rxd
    Dal skills

    Smokin 15.15 rxd
    Tanners 12.50 rxd
    Scotty E 12.37 rxd
    Bezza 13.04 rxd
    Michelle 12.03 (mod)
    Pete 7.45 rxd
    Stu 5.30 rxd
    Tracy 15.23 rxd
    Bianca 7.51 rxd
    Livdoggs skills
    Babsy 13.31 rxd
    Karen 8.04 rxd
    Corina 12.11 rxd

  4. Happy a birthday Fiona – have an awesome day chick!!!!

  5. Hey Fiona HappY Birthday have a super awesome day!!!!!

  6. happy birthday Fiona ! Hope you have a great day :-)

  7. Happy birthday Fiona! Hope you’ve had a great day!

    Won’t be in tonight, have had a thumping headache all day and am now trying to convince myself that I’m not going to vomit!

    • Ice pack and rest!! Probably a good idea!!! Bear crawls are certainly not good for the brain!!!! Feel better quick!

  8. 15.43, not sure if distance was exact, did it on bridge behind the lake in sale, then did 4-5km run. Exercising in this cold air is a killer

    • Suz you are a 4551 bridge star!!!! I love reading what your doing it is inspirational and motivating that you are training so hard good on you yehhhh!!! Hope your flu has left you and your feeling better.

    • Haha nice Suz, aaaah those shit memories of that crisp, icy air. Don’t miss it at all!! Well done mate fantastic efforts and consistency. Getting it done, yeeew!

  9. Hey Mick, worked out why our time was so fast. We only did 3 rounds. Didn’t take my phone in to check, and obviously left my memory with it!!! Doh

    • I swear it was only three rounds as well! I even stopped after 3 then had to start again and do more eep.

    • Hahaha yeah we thought it was a smokin time. Your quick Vegas but not that quick ;)

  10. Well done to Pete and Bianca (First HSPU) and Gilli on 5 solid push-ups with quality off the toes. Great work guys!!