WOD Wednesday 01/10/2014



As many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400m
Max reps, Pull-ups

*As soon as the athlete drops from the bar the run must be completed immediately.

Post rounds and total reps to comments.






24 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 01/10/2014

  1. Happy birthday Sue one of the best things iv done at crossfit was meeting you, hope you have a incredible day

  2. Happy birthday Sue you gorgeous, supportive, positive lady. Love seeing your smiling face in the box every time! X

  3. Happy birthday you beautiful human.!! Have a wonderful day with your family and starting your day at no place better then with your 4551 family . I wish all the happiness for you . You are one of kind and I am grateful you have been by my side and I have had you a part of my journey with crossfit .


  4. Happy birthday sue. Have a great day. Amazing how far you have come. You are what Crossfit is all about.

  5. Happy birthday to a very happy lady. You always have smile on your face. Lovely to be your crossfit friend.

  6. Happy Birthday Sue! Hope you have a terrific day, great picture of you in action nice form 🙂

  7. Happy birthday sue! Hope you have a beautiful dayxxx

  8. Happy Birthday Sue…..4551’s best blogger hope you are having a great day 🙂

  9. Yesterday’s WOD@ CF224
    10*FS at 60% of 1RM Clean (60kg)
    5 push press 60KG
    10 Burpees
    rest 3 mins

    5 rds = 50/50/53/58/1:07s

  10. Thank you to Mick, Tamara coaches and the 4551 community for your beautiful wishes you made me cry, laugh out loud and smile Thank you xxx

  11. Todays WOD…Faarrk
    Team of 2
    WB/BJ/weighted sit up 10KG/20kg plate GTOH/Cal Row/1 min rest
    1 min on each station, alternating each min….We did 600 and something reps…was an absolute killer. Especially with calves burning after that Filthy fifty on Monday..

    now for a little red 😉