WOD Wednesday 02/07/2014

A) 15 mins to find 1RM:

Turkish Get-Up (Left and Right hand)


Successful lifts both sides only.




B) Amrap in 5mins of:

6 Turkish Get-ups, 24kg (16kg) Kettlebell

6 Overhead Lunges (Right hand), 24kg (16kg) Kettlebell

6 Overhead Lunges (Left hand), 24kg (16kg) Kettlebell


Post loads and total reps to comments.










4 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 02/07/2014

  1. A Big welcome back to Kurt this morning, so great to have this legend back with us!!

    Well done to the 9.15amers who put in some awesome effort and time in breaking down the movement, especially Hayles on nailing the 20kg bar and going rxd in the WOD.

      • Welcome back Kurt made my day seeing you walk through that door :))) Yeh

  2. Rest Day….Hahaha But the girls are doing Zumba….and we have video to prove it! they will kill me hahahahah 🙂