WOD Wednesday 02/10/2013

Complete the following:
Weighted Pull-up, 5 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Pull-up, 3 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Pull-up, 1 rep max

Post loads to comments.

6 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 02/10/2013

  1. holy craparoonies – bet he’s got some quads on him – he looked well padded out 🙂

  2. (BL=Black, B=Blue, R=Red, O=Orange, Y=Yellow, P=Pink, FT=Fitness Test (30 Day challenge)
    Marty 15/20/25 strict
    Britt 10/12.5/15
    Bell yo/o/y
    Brooke yo/yo/o
    Stevo 26/30/40
    Cath ro/r/o
    Lynne FT
    Carolyn 15/20/22.5
    Emma FT
    Shane 7/11/20
    Cam 10/15
    Tommy 30 across
    Paula 5/5/4
    Adam r/u/u
    Mick.L 3/7/10
    Aimee FT
    Nadine 11/11/11
    Kelly blue across
    Joanne b/ro/ry
    Reiven u/5/5
    Corrine FT
    Rani 11/12/7

    Mick.B 35/47.5/60
    Pete.B 12.5/20/20
    Russ 5/10/18
    Deegz 15/20/22.5
    Kim B/R+Y/R
    Kaz RY/R/O
    Julian FT
    Hayley.M FT
    Troncy 16/25/29
    Naz O/Y/P
    Scotty.E 10/16/20
    Gill FT
    Suz FT
    Grant FT
    Steph FT
    Tanners FT

    Cliff 26 across
    Latch 37.5/50/60
    Carol B+P/R+O/R+P
    Harro 10/16/20
    Sue B/R+R/O+Y
    Richo 19.14 (mod)
    Cian B+Y/B/R+O
    Jen.K 5/7/15 strict
    Dan.W 15/22.5/22.5

    Matty.Mac 20/20/20
    Chazza 11/14.75/14.75
    Mick.E 7.5/11/20
    Corina O/Y+P/Y
    Paul.R FT
    Kurt U/U/U
    Hayley.G 7/11/?
    Tracy FT
    Lachlan.E 4/6(kip)/U (strict)
    Jess 5/4/9
    Redgie 5/11/13.5
    Sharpy 5/13.4/18.5
    Kylie.R FT
    Josie FT
    Shelby FT
    Ryan.G FT
    Wog 25/35/40 strict
    Jenni.P FT

    Heidi FT
    LJ FT
    Bec.W FT P/B/R
    Rach FT
    James 12.5/17.5/22.5 strict
    Keffy 20/31/33.5
    Hayley.M R+R/R+O/R+P

  3. Well done to everyone this morning on your achievements. A big shout out to the 30 day Green Machines who are dropping some incredible numbers and showing massive improvements in their fitness tests.

    Also great to see Tanners back in the house today, you and the big Smoke are missed by all 🙂

  4. Work wod. Today’s wod done strict and sets of 3 . Then 21 deadlifts @ 75 kg row 400 15 dl row 400 9 dl row 400 . 7.45

    • Hell yeh Mick !! i miss them heaps and I didn’t even get to train with them very much! Joe and Tanya are awesome I just want them to come back I love their positive happy vibe !!!! You rock smokin Mr shakespeare!!!!:) The End