WOD Wednesday 03/06/2015

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Regionals over the past weekend, check out this incredible display of guts and determination by Julie Foucher. A true champion!!

A) 20mins to find your 1RM:
Clean and Jerk


B) Then in pairs complete, max reps in 7mins of:
Clean and jerk, 70kg (50kg)
Bar hang

-One athlete lifts the other hangs from the bar.
-Reps can not be performed unless the bar hang is being performed.
-Change stations when either 10 reps is performed or the bar hang is broken, whichever comes first!

Post loads and total reps to comments.





8 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 03/06/2015

  1. Awwww yesterday and today sound so good stupid work 🙁

  2. WOW!! Some cracking PB’s this morning so far. Awesome to see!!

  3. Big ups to all the PB kings tonight, also a shout out to Liv for smashing nearly 5mins off her Fran time (3.55 rxd)

  4. Awesome Fran time Olivia. I knew you would smash this 🙂 So much improvement well done .

  5. Congrats everyone on your Pbs awesome well done Liv that’s so fantastic 🙂

  6. Tonight’s Home “WOD”

    4 x 5 C&J 40kg

    Better than nothing 🙂