WOD Wednesday 03/07/2011


5 Broadjump attempts, for Max Distance (meters)

Post load to comments.

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6 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 03/07/2011

  1. Hey Mick
    May not make 5.45 session but will meet for
    Bfast with Paula and kids!!!

  2. 5.45am
    Mim 70kg/5m
    Lauren 95kg/10m
    Jayden 105kg/11.5m
    Joe 170kg/13m
    Brendan 110kg/10m
    Karen 105kg/9m

    Matty.F 150kg/11.5m
    Adam 130kg/13m
    Crossfit 130kg/11.5m

    Alli 75kg/10m
    Lynda 112.5kg/8m
    Corina 70kg/9.5m
    Kurt 132.5kg/12.5m
    Cliff 150kg/11.5m
    Brucey 155kg/11m
    Tommy Weighted Pull-up (1) 24.5kg
    Paula 80kg/9.5m
    Liv 50kg/9m
    Chazz 80kg/11m
    Scotty.T 137.5kg/10.5m
    Ryno 120kg/11.5m
    J.F.K 145kg/12.5m
    Rob 150kg/10.5m
    Beck.L 80kg/9.5m
    Brendan 130kg/9m
    Call 125kg/12m
    Kristen 55kg/9.5m

    Gill skills/9.5m
    Lara 75kg/8m
    Tanners skills/9.5m
    Michelle 110kg
    Aido 142.5kg/13.5m
    Shano.C 120kg/13m
    Stock 135kg/12.5m
    Alana skills

  3. Awesome Video!! The Arena and Equipment set up is second to none!! From your humble concrete box to the Reebok International Crossfit Games Arena!! Stuff dreams are made of…

  4. Hey thanks everyone for b’day wishes yesterday. On our way back from a few days in Bundy. Hope to be in this arvo. Sorry Tamara for making you wait an extra day. Now you can get on with it!

  5. Couldn’t get in today due to work and uni!

    I did a modified WOD from Schwartz’s Crossfit.

    1km Row


    4 Rounds
    20 KB Swings (24kg)
    20 Hand Release Pushups


    1km row

    Wasn’t nice!

    He Mick I will be in tomorrow but I will be late to the 6pm session because of uni!

  6. Great moments in Architecture
    the leaning tower of pisa
    the pyramids
    the great wall of china
    and today another was added… aido and shano’s rope of pain