WOD Wednesday 03/09/2014

STU in “Frantasy Land”!!


A) 15 mins to find heaviest:
Sled Drag over 30m (Minimum of 5 attempts)


B) 20mins to work on monthly goals

Post load and goals achieved to comments.



3 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 03/09/2014

  1. Congrats to Marty for getting a 10kg front squat PB this morning. Well done mate! 🙂
    Oh yeah . . . and for pulling Aido + 40 or 60kg plates on the sled. Where was the camera!!!!

    A special mention to Shano for showing how strong he is by breaking the bolts on the sled strap whilst trying to pull Aido AND Mick L! haha. Good one guys!

  2. Tues: 6km Run, started hailing 1km from home.

    Wed: 4rds of Run 400m, 24 HR Push-ups, 12 Burpee Box Jumps