WOD Wednesday 04/09/2013, Day 3!

For time:

Complete three rounds of:
5 Muscle-ups
5 Deficit handstand push-ups
20kg (10kg) Plate, Overhead walking lunges, 90m

Post load and time to comments.


42 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 04/09/2013, Day 3!

  1. BIG NUTSSSSS!! Happy birthday Cliffo!! Can’t believe we were in Melbourne this time three years ago!! Have a cracking day mate!! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday you sexy spunky big nutter constantly massive biggest smile biggest heart kinda guy …!!
    Thanks for bringing to many smiles everyday to the shed. ! Heart full of gold.!! You are One of a kind cliff.

  3. Happy birthday Cliffo. Hope you have a great day buddy 🙂

  4. Cliffo , a massive happy birthday mate !!!!! Your a ledgend . Hey Britt yeah think that the shirt with paper on it are the boys one. I’m at work at the moment and when I get back I’m over in Bali. So wont be in the shed for a bit but will bring my shirt in when I’m back. Cheers.

    • Oh okay so yep I must have a guys one then haha! That’s cool, ill keep it saved away and we can swap when your back in the shed! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Cliff you constantly massive big hearted guy that is always there to help everyone and bring a smile to your day!! Have a great day:)

  6. 5.30am
    Megan 8.44
    Alan 13.59
    Britt 9.11
    Kylie 8.36
    Dan.W 11.00 rxd
    Matty.R 16.36
    Stevo 10.07
    Emma 7.45
    Lauren.Y 11.05
    G2 9.02
    Aimee 10.47
    Shano.H 14.34
    Shano.C 9.36 rxd
    Carolyn 6.49
    Corrinne 11.28
    Reiven 13.56
    Mick.L 12.20
    Lynne 11.00

    Mick.B 18.25
    Latch 13.58 rxd (72.5kg)
    Karen 12.42
    Brenno 19.58 (mod)
    Tamara 21.17
    Sue 13.37
    Bianca 18.57 (20kg)
    Stu 9.06 rxd
    Cliff 11.46 rxd
    Julian skills
    Mitchy 14.26
    Hayley.M 10.03 (mod)
    Corina 17.54
    Kurt 15.34
    Suz 14.41
    Grant 16.16
    Millsy 12.40

    Gilli 8.43
    Scotty 11.15
    Mick.E 10.42
    Heidi 9.12
    Simmo 18.26
    Aido 7.24 rxd
    Keffy 7.46 rxd
    James 11.12
    Jess 10.51
    Hayley.G 9.38
    Paul.R 10.22
    Russ 8.34
    Kyra 11.23
    Tracy skills
    Pete.R 11.07 rxd

    LJ 8.56
    Sharpy 7.42
    Shelby 8.29
    Kate 12.54
    Brucey 18.01
    Steph 8.43

  7. Happy birthday to constantly massive Legend 🙂 hope your day is filled with laughs xK

  8. Happy birthday big nuts. Have a cracking day and I’m sure some sex pancakes to get you of to a good start. Cheers from grant,susie,marli

  9. Happy birthday BIG nuts!! Have an awesome day mate..

    On a different note… After the past 3 days of crossfit I don’t think I have ever experienced this amount of pain in my arms… they are fucked!!!

    • Yep, I hear what you’re saying Stevo. My arms feel the same! 🙁

  10. Happy birthday Cliffy – hope you have an awesone day. Go buy yourself something nice!!!!

  11. Happy birthday Cliff! Hope you have a great day being massive!

  12. To a very vibrant person – Happy Birthday Cliff! Hope you have an unreal day.

  13. Was great to see big improvements with everyones HSPU this morn, great to see people testing themselves with the muscle-up progressions and homing in on the strength and transition of the movement rather than just trying to get a workout.

    Great to see all 🙂

  14. Loz and I did skills right before the 4.45pm session. Unfortunately my hands have gone as soft as me and were torn to shreds yesterday so I just worked on HSPUs.

  15. Home wod 7min amrap
    10 burpees
    10 tuck jumps

    4rds + 6 burpees completed..!!

  16. Didn’t get into training today Mick but I took Kodie for a walk instead.

  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes had a great day . Apologies I’ve been a lazy CrossFit slut as of late and haven’t been on the 4551 website for the last couple of days . Thanks for Brightening up my day even more crew