WOD WEDNESDAY 05/02/2014

15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Chest to bar pull-up
Clean and jerk 60kg (42.5kg)


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14 Comments on “WOD WEDNESDAY 05/02/2014

  1. Home wod- today’s mod/ 15 12 9 reps sit ups,push press 40kg,push ups. Wrist bit average today so light weight,
    8:47. Yes Mick I also went surfing again today, and yesterday and I’ll probably go tomoz too!!! Hasn’t anyone told you that salt water is good for the soul???;)

    • Go Dan I hear you it is that and more:)
      Congrats to Corina on her RXD you awesome Girl Power you :))

  2. Don’t want to get too soppy, but a huge thankyou to Dal and Mick and every one this morning for cheering me on, I really appreciated it 🙂

    • Corina you did so so well, I was actually getting teary cheering you on, such determination and heart went into that workout and you’re a bloody champion for finishing it string! Very admirable.. That’s a tough workout to rxd but you did it

  3. No worries Corina! You did awesome and looked strong in all your movements. A well deserved rxd tag 🙂

  4. Few wods not posted, 400km run/50 squats 16:15mins, slight time delay on the running machine. Shoulder press 60kg, push press 70kg, push jerk 60kg followed with a 3.9km run. Couple of days rest with swing shift, but back into it tomoz and looking forward to getting back to the box with the 4551 crew

  5. Did todays WOD at CrossFit 224 in Melbourne – 15.26 RXD…..then did there WOD

    10 Min AMRAP

    6 TTB
    6 Thrusters 20kg
    50 DU
    12 TTB
    12 Thrusters
    50 DU
    18 TTB
    18 Thrusters
    50 DU

    Then repeat — 264 reps…1 full round plus 6+6+29

  6. 5 sets of 5 hang squat cleans. 55-75..these guys ask to keep the legs straight and only use the shrug to get under the bar.. It felt different but was good all the same.. also got to have a play with there atlas stones and learn how to lift them..

  7. That would be from the pocket/hip either way it’s acceptable anywhere above the knee for any high hang movement. Awesome to have a crack at the strong man stuff mate 🙂