WOD Wednesday 05/08/2015


20 minute ascending ladder of:
2m Handstand walk
Run 100m
5 Wallball shots, 10kg (6kg)
5 Burpees

-Increase distance and reps with the exercises in the following sequence,

eg. Round 2:
4m Handstand walk
Run 200m
10 Wallball shots
10 Burpees

eg. Round 3:
6m Handstand walk
Run 300m
15 Wallball shots
15 Burpees

and so on…

Post load and round completed.



8 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 05/08/2015

  1. Happy birthday Woogsie! Can’t believe you’re 4 already. Xxx

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Will have a great day love from all our family xo

  3. Happy birthday Wil! Have a great day little dude! X.

  4. A big Happy Birthday to you Wil, wishing you a great day!!! from the Naumanns :))

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Wil 🙂 Hope you have a great day. X