WOD Wednesday 05/12/2012

2010 Northwest Regional Event 1

Three rounds for time of:
10 Overhead squat, 60kg (42.5kg)
50 Double-unders

Post load and time to comments.

Thanks to all who turned out for the athletes celebration dinner. This is one of Joe’s 15 plates for the night 😉 How many did you do and what was your favourite dish??

21 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 05/12/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 11.59 (30kg)
    Jacob 7.48 (12kg) mod
    Megzi 6.47 (25kg)
    Randy 8.04 (50kg)
    Lynne 6.50 (25kg)
    Carlie 13.07 (20kg)
    Shano C 11.57 (50kg)
    Stevo 5.59 (30kg)
    Disco Stu 10.55 (50kg)
    Matty F 7.30 (40kg)

    Brenno 10.25 (35kg)
    Ben 10.30 (40kg)
    Sue 13.25 (12kg)
    Jenni.P 6.36 (12kg)
    Bianca 3.23 rxd
    Cliffy 8.18 rxd
    Chazza 8.14 (30kg)
    Hayley 7.06 (30kg)
    Tamara 9.27 (12kg)
    J.F.K 4.36 rxd
    Bryce 8.04 (25kg)
    Harro 4.59 (50kg)
    Richo 12.24 (35kg)
    Alli 4.58 (25kg)
    Mick 5x400m Row (mod)

    Aido 4.52 (50kg)
    Simmo 4.12 (30kg)
    Paul 4.38 (6kg)
    Mel.Z 4.59 (30kg)
    Lyndal 4.51 rxd
    Keiffy 6.03 rxd
    Kurt.N 7.20 rxd
    Brucey 5.54 (20kg)
    Mel.P 6.14 (30kg)
    Luka 5.40 mod (welcome mate)
    Shelby 6.43 mod

    Karen 3.52 (25kg)
    Tracy 4.45 mod
    Gilli 6.14 mod
    Suz 10.16 (20kg)
    Justin 3.26 rxd
    Rachel 7.42 (20kg)
    Michelle 5.47 (20kg)

  2. That dinner was excellent – thanks for organising it Mick. The food was amazing and I dont blame Joe for tucking into those bugs and oysters. Im gonna go back there over the xmas break and do it all again – but can I take Wil, he made my night!!!!!

  3. Hey Mick thanks for your encouragement to keep on with double-unders I appreciate your belief!! Congratulatins Bianca you are like watching a formula one race fast pace!!!

  4. Hey Fellas, Just letting you know the orange Nanos have just arrived at work!!
    Ladies and mens black are still coming.

  5. Hey guys back up at work and have got a cold so no wod today . will post as soon as I am back into it.

  6. Get well soon Ryno!!
    Justin you and Bianca are like the movie top gun I Feel The Need for Speed!! Awesome work!!Still you have to love it when a female is 3secs in front!!! That is Gold just saying!! Yeh go the girl power!!!:)The End

    • Sorry Kaz! Can’t remember what i wrote down. I think people were talking to me. not good at doing 2 things at once haha

      • keep forgetting to spell my name too hey – KAREN

  7. Haha you’re funny Sue! How’s that – I would have won the northwest regionals and Dal would have come 3rd! Alright !

    Chris Spealer did 2:39!!! And Justin would have come 6th

  8. good to see a new name up there! welcome luke!
    did this at work, front squats instead of overheads- 3.49

  9. I got the message and 5 minutes later I was up at foot looker sue pmsl. I literally dropped everything

  10. Hahaha sue and Cliffy and also Tamara! You’re like a battered globe gym trainers wife – like Pete but he’s the husband version 😉