WOD Wednesday 08/06/2011 (Day 3 of 25)

10 Rounds each for time of:

Sprint 100m

(Rest 90 seconds between sets)

Post fastest and slowest time to comments.

Post best caption to comments!!

26 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 08/06/2011 (Day 3 of 25)

  1. Wow thank god it’s not bull….you guys are full of s*^t (Bull) but I am
    Gonna do the am session what ever it is

  2. Nice picture Smokin…back at ya mr crossfit

  3. this was taken right before…………..the pie;) joes thinking, ill just tell mick im off for an apple 🙂

    • who wants to “COME GET SOME”

  4. “Perhaps if I sit here looking like I’m pondering intelligent thoughts, everyone at Crossfit may take me seriously for a change”??

  5. “now, how am I gonna rock this place?”

  6. “I love my new lip balm”
    “bluesteel” or is it “magnum”

  7. “Hmmmm, so what will I do next for the Joe Show?!”
    Sorry Mick, alarm clock malfunction this morning. Have done a 10km run instead – 48.58. I’m getting closer to that PB 🙂

  8. 5.45am
    Cyn 26-29sec
    Tommy (Still on his way…)

    Aido 15-17sec
    Bec C 21-22sec (100m row)
    Richo 18-21sec

    Dale 13 – 15 sec
    Sara 16 – 21 sec
    John 15 – 17 sec
    Rob 17 – 18 sec
    Cliff 11.39 JT
    Aido 11.41 JT
    Paula 18 – 23 sec
    Charlotte 18 -21 sec
    Liv 18 – 30 sec
    Alli 18 – 21 sec
    Lauren 16 – 20 sec

    Shano 13 – 19 sec
    Smokin 14 – 17 (4)
    Tanners 21 – 28 sec
    Gilli 26 – 35 sec
    Jess 19 – 24 sec
    Larns 22 – 27 sec
    Corina 21 – 23 sec
    Kurt 18 – 23 sec
    Lara 25 – 34 sec

  9. “That will be me next year”

    “Dam u look good in that mirror Joseph”

  10. “Just put the camera on ME! now leave it there” ha ha

  11. Bahahahahaha!! Diggin the comments so far, you guys know me all to well. Keep em comin!! 🙂

  12. Hello again from LA. Didn’t get to Crossfit LA today as we worked out it would probably cost $100.00 for a taxi to get there and back. Love ya Mick but not that much. I did speak to one of them though on the phone and they seem really lovely.

    Joe is thinking – “I wonder how many people will notice how cool I look in these sunnies”.

    Off to Las Vegas in the morning – cheers.

  13. “Should I put my right hand up to my face, or my left?? No, definately my left, it shows off my better side. Wait… I don’t have a bad side… Should I just leave my hands down so that maybe someone will see me and take a photo of me pondering life and all its gracious beings and… Oh shit, I’ve been snapped… Left hand is good.”

  14. ” This hoodie looks so damn good it seems a shame to put my pants on,” thought Joe.

  15. Won’t be making it in today, i’m dying in the arse after my 9th early start in a row only 2 more to go then I get the weekend off 🙂 (Yes I will be in Saturday morning Mick)

    Will make sure I do this WOD tomorrow after I finish work, see you tomorrow arvo.

  16. Cheers Megan and Dal,

    Bring your books in tonight guys, looking forward to see how u are all going with your nutrition!!

  17. Smokin – “Take 2” bahahhahahahhaha

    • haha Deegs, I was sooooo close to writing this!! haha

  18. I’d love to have a great excuse for not making it in tonight… But I don’t! Will come in tomorrow morning and do this and will be back in at 5pm for tomorrows WOD.

  19. loved all the classic comments today guys. You all freekin Hilarious!! If I was to pick a winner it would be Tamara with Cherise a close second!! I do love the Camera!! 😉