WOD Wednesday 09/01/2013

Due to the availability of the rowers we will lengthening sessions to keep a good flow:
5am-6.30am/ 8.30am-10.15am/ 4pm-7pm

For time
Row 5km

Post time to comments.

A great in depth video to help with today!!

29 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 09/01/2013

  1. Shit. I’m sick tomorrow.
    And busy .

    Busy and sick

    • You left out the best part of the story Megzy! At home… in his undies!

  2. As I am unable to row, I did a 10km bike ride with flat tyres 🙁 I only realised at half way! It took me 26.55

  3. Yeh for you Chazza keep it up kid you will be back with cardio power plus!!!:)

  4. 5.30am
    Megzi 21.55
    Martin 22.11
    Lynne 23.05
    Steven 28.38
    Troy 21.01
    Paul.R 31.17
    Cathy 24.41
    Elliot 11.36 (2.5km)
    Brooke 15.06 (3km)
    Randy 21.25
    Paula 24.30
    Tommy 19.43
    Liv 25.26
    Matty.F 20.17
    Mel.P 21.41
    Issy 25.18
    Mick 19.16

    Ellen 25.26
    Stevo 20.02
    Bianca 21.36
    Sue 23.19
    Simmo 18.44
    Bryce 22.17
    Cliffo 20.53
    Paul.G 21.21
    Hayley 24.32
    Justin 19.26
    Richo 21.00
    Macdaddy 21.19
    Jen.K 26.16

    Wog 20.21
    Daniel 20.00
    Stu 21.23
    Greg 18.41 (3km)
    Shano.C 20.38
    Ben 19.24
    Brucey 22.13
    Heidi 26.00
    Ryno skills
    Mitch 20.08
    Mull 23.20
    Gilli skills
    Scotty 19.31
    Dal skills
    Shelbs 16.05 (3km)
    Aido 20.09
    Corina 24.44
    Keiffy 19.01

    • Runaway dog and a severe case of split pants at work got in the way of me coming in today but I’ve just finished at the gym and its nearly 10:30! Bad plan!
      5km row – 21.06

  5. Did this at work as I’m finally getting my shoulder checked out this arvo.

    20.32 – stupid Goodlife rowers and their loose foot straps! I might do this again at the shed on a rest day.

  6. Small window of opportunity for me today….

    Ran 400m x 10 at Meridan School oval btw 1130am and midday.

    Did the runs every three minutes, average about one and a half minutes per run.

    • And that’s the beauty of CF Kurt, u only need that small window of opportunity. Well done mate

  7. Smokin and I did today’s wod in the resort gym.

    Smokin: 18.32 5km row
    Tanners & Cookie: 20.59 10km ride

    Then rewarded ourselves with a swim in the pool 😉

    • Bloody awesome time Joe!!! Congratualations Tanners and Cookie well you two RXD that yipeeeee!!!:)

  8. I did my extra run WOD this arves 2.4k in 12:46…..and that felt like I was sprinting ! It was 5.04k/ minute….. Don’t think I could keep that up for a 25 minute 5k…. Yet!

    • Hey what’s with the don’t think be real girl you know you can and will!!!

      • OMg. It’s the positive girl power police ! I said “yet” !! that counts !!! xx

  9. A big shout out to Heidi, who got 3 consecutive pullups tonight for the first time! Well done mateeeeee!

  10. Well done Heidi, you looked like you had more in ya 😉

  11. Hey guys could not make it in today so i did 50 double unders, 5 km run, 50 double unders and i got 22:05 🙂