WOD Wednesday 10/08/2011

Run 400m
30 Boxjumps 24″ (20″)
30 Wallball 10kg (5kg)

5 Rounds for time.

10 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 10/08/2011

  1. this will test my kfc and beer diet of the past month ahahaha

  2. 5.45am
    Shano. G 36.45
    Brendan 37.04
    Karen 34.21 rxd

    Kurt 34.28 Rxd
    Corina 36.55 (3kg)
    Chase 42.57 (6kg)
    Clare 21.16 (3rds) Welcome Mate!

    Chazza 31.44 (row)
    Liv 40.41
    Paula 32.32 Rxd
    Vibeke 31.50 Rxd
    Brucey 43.32 Rxd
    Alli 34.34 Rxd
    Aido 24.35 Rxd
    J.F.K 29.27 Rxd
    Ryno 34.07 Rxd
    Matt dnf
    Simon 19.00 (3 rds) Welcome Mate!
    Kristen 37.59
    Eliza 36.00 (4 rds)

    Smokin 28.35 Rxd
    Tanners 35.03 Rxd
    Shano 28.14 Rxd
    Gilli 41.20 Rxd
    Lara 38.08 (4rds)
    Barb 44.01 Rxd
    Stock 34.59 (mod)
    Cliff 34.04 Rxd
    Dale 34.05 Rxd
    Callan 29.05 Rxd
    Sara 38.11 Rxd
    Larns 40.24 Rxd

  3. What can I say – actually don’t know what I can say other than “u r a bunch of slackers”. 5.45am Weds morning crew – all the talk I’ve heard over the last few weeks “yeah I’ll do the Wed’s morning sessions n breaky afterwards” – poor lady at the cafe had her extra staff on ready to go! Well I’ve enjoyed my breaky – thanks for letting me dominate this morning – walk the talk guys!

    • I didn’t realise anyone was still going. I was thinking about the big breakfast all the way home too! I even tried calling my sister to get her there for breakfast there but she was still sleeping 🙁

      • aaawwwh sorry Brendan – I didn’t realise you would have come mate, you probably didn’t hear me as I said I was going.

        • I guess I’ll just have to make up for it next week! I took my Mum and Sister there for lunch on Thursday and it was just as awesome as their breakfasts!

      • Nice Brendan!

        Hey Michelle its at the little cafe – on Pierce Ave – “Go Gourmet” 7am Wednesdays

  4. i read this WOD last night and thought, “oh thats not too bad, should be able to give it a fair crack”, then this morning i read it again, and realised that there was 5 rounds, not just 1 and nearly died…….. see you at 6pm !

  5. Bad bad bad.. I’ve just remembered I have an appointment this arvo