WOD Wednesday 11/09/2013, Day 10!


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24″ (20″)
30 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)

Post load and time to comments.

18 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 11/09/2013, Day 10!

  1. Yesterday’s work wod 5 rounds 5 deadlifts @ 100kg 25 sit ups 6.10. Think I might have stuffed up my rounds and only done 4 will have to do it again. Then strength work. Off to Bali for 10 days so won’t be in the box on my swing off. See ya s when I get back.

  2. 5.30am
    Megan 30.14 rxd
    Alan 25.50 rxd
    Jen.K 32.12 rxd
    Lauren.Y 18.03 3rds
    Matt.R 34.18 rxd
    Puppet 20.38 rxd
    Kylie 23.25 4rds
    Cathy 22.55 3rnds
    Lynne 33.19 rxd
    Kate 33.10 4rds
    Paula 34.31
    Liv 29.40 rxd
    Stevo 28.09 rxd
    Shane.H 26.31 rxd
    Mick.L 32.00 4rnds
    Corrine 36.25 4kg
    Reiven 32.40 4kg
    Naz 33.20 4rds
    Hose 26.20 rxd
    Nadine 34.41

    Mick.B 21.53 rxd
    Brenno 39.55 (6kg)/Yestys WOD DL 105kg (7’s)
    Karen 28.59 rxd
    Tamara 22.17 6kg (mod)
    Jenni.P 28.28 3kg (3rds)
    Latch 21.39 rxd
    Cliff 40.38 rxd
    Corina 35.38 6kg (4rds)
    Sue 46.00 (4kg)

    Gilli 39.04 rxd
    Paul.R 37.09 mod SPEWED!!!
    Kylie.R 14.48 (3 rds)
    Shae 19.20 (3 rds)
    Kyra 30.17 (4 rds)
    Shelbs 26.17 (3rds)
    Mim 30.15 mod (5 rds)
    Hayley.G 38.07 rxd
    Keffy 23.51 rxd
    Simmo 25.26 rxd
    Josie 37.32 (4kg)
    Mick.E 28.11 rxd
    Matty.M 28.50 rxd
    Emma 41.58 rxd
    Heidi 30.57 (3kg)
    Sharpy 25.30 (6/10kg)
    Kurt 36.00 rxd
    Jess 35.00 (4kg)

    Aimee 30.04 (5kg)
    Bec.W 31.29 (6kg)
    Kylie 31.55 (4kg)
    LJ 31.49 (4kg)
    Pete.R 22.00 (3rds)
    Bianca skills
    Rach 27.17 (3rds)
    Harry 23.31 rxd
    Aido 23.51 rxd
    Wog 23.57 rxd
    Hayley.M 33.24 mod
    Prince 27.00 (4rds)
    Chelsea 28.22 (2kg)

  3. Well done to Sue for completing the wod with a heavier ball than last time! 1 extra kg on the ball = 150 kg extra moved than last time!

  4. Thanks Locky for putting it like that still feeling pretty shit about the time(:!! But on a more positive note went to the pool swam 600m straight then 400 so 1km for today!

    • Nice on Grant 🙂

      And onya Sue going for the BIGGER BALLS 🙂

  5. Couldn’t make it to the box today due to work, so did 5k ride,nice night for it..slower in the dark tough..16 mins 25

  6. Was a great night for a ride, quite warm out. Bit stiff from the deadlifts. Day shift again tomorrow, so WOD at home again then in Friday 5.30 sesh pm

  7. im guna put a shout out to myself!!!!

    as tough as kelly was tonight and that i did 3rds, i am very proud of myself and i did beat asthma tonight and was the boss of it …..

    (sue i know you will be proud and super pumped) 🙂

    was really hard pushing through the WOD and i did struggle a bit. but i kept my breathing at ease and pushed myself to more reps / finish the round b4 i go get my puffer . and i finished the whole 3 rds . !! this is massive for me and am so friggen stoked on this !! a massive achievement for myself ! so proud i kept pushing myself to one more !!
    this is all coming down to more exercise and this 30 day challenge that has just blown me away !!
    in results it is definitely showing !! woohoooo !! yeah baby !!! so pumped and on a high right now !!!

    • Awesome work Shelbs!! Good on you for patting yourself on the back, well deserved! 😀

    • Unreal shelbs! Hopefully we can get rid of that puffer for good after this challenge 🙂

    • Shelby I am always super proud of you everyday you!! Every day you back up and keep going shows how strong you are!! Since Tough Mudder kid you have flicked that switch and are moving mountains! I love you shouting out about yourself because that just shows you believe in your own journey! You rock my beautiful friend Shelby girl!!:) xoxo