WOD Wednesday 12/1/2011

“Ring Lynne”
5 rounds for max reps:
Ring Dips

(There is NO time component to this WOD.)

Post total reps for both exercises to comments.

7 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 12/1/2011

  1. 5.45am (Ring Dips/Pull-up)
    Louise 85/134(Pushup/Ring Pull-up))
    Mim 43/44
    Jodie 60/74
    Lauren 52/48
    Jayden 51/44 rxd
    Richo 34/34(3rds)

    8am .com
    Three rounds for time of:
    6 Muscle-ups (Full Hang)
    30 Wallball shots, 10kg
    12 Handstand push-ups
    61kg Power clean, 15 reps

    Cliff 23.09 rxd
    Mick 27.30 rxd

    Matt 34/43
    Lynda 35/31
    Trina 60/35
    Ryno 39/36 (3rds) rxd
    Lock stock 85/113 rxd
    Karen 57 Wallball (5kg)/56 KB Snatch (16kg)
    Albert 60/55
    Lee 63/58

    Nick.Z 101 Ring Pushups/53 strict Pullup
    Nick.S 61/64
    Amanda 87/52
    Dale 35/37 rxd
    Mel 57/43
    Lyndal 54/38
    Angie.B 66 pushups/51
    Paul 45/38
    Nicole 84/80

    Rob 28/38
    Joe 47/56
    Tanya 61/82
    Michelle 33/51
    Casie 84 PU/37
    Larns 45/53
    Aidan 50/92 rxd
    Lara 33/47
    Gillian 40/66
    Shano 64RPU/127 (16kg) KB Snatch

  2. First time doing ring dips in a workout today. After a lot of whinging, much to my surprise I ended up being able to do them – off the bands of course but I did them.

  3. Well done mim! I liked this one, hands are raw and forarms are blown out but never the less i enjoyed it :)

  4. Day 3 of the challenge: (Remember to be organised, think ahead and prepare your meals for the day!!)

    Well done to Lynda today on her Pull-ups, Ring Dips and Nutrition, Awesome mate!

  5. Those mobility wods are worth there weight in gold .i usually suffer with my hip flexers after todays mobility wod i feel a million dollars. Cant wait tiil they get put into the warm up. There will be even more pbs all round.

  6. I made a batch of Paleo cookies this afternoon and they’re pretty amazing. I’ll bring them in on the trivia night and give everyone the recipie. For dinner im having the coconut chicken curry and it’s great, if only i could have it with a bowl of rice…

  7. Cookies sound great Lara, can’t wait to make them tomorrow, yuuumm!!