WOD Wednesday 13/02/2013


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 10kg (6kg)

Austin Medford 5:08, Rebecca Voigt 6:12 (6kg ball).

Post load and time to comments.

24 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 13/02/2013

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 9.05 rxd
    Megzy 9.48 rxd
    Courtney 9.48 3kg
    Livdogs 12.14 rxd
    Mel.P 8.02 rxd
    Tommy 9.55 red
    Chazza 13.12 rxd
    Paula 9.37 rxd
    Rei rei 75 (3kg) reps
    Marty 9.35 6kg
    Cathy 11.39 5kg
    Kelly 5.41 (3kg) 75reps
    Steve 7.38 (5kg) 100 reps
    Stu 10.44 rxd
    Corey 7.23 rxd
    Matty.F 8.43 rxd
    Shano.C 10.42 rxd

    Mick 8.02 rxd
    Alana.M 7.32 rxd
    Kirsten.J 12.42 (3kg) Welcome!!
    Locky 9.16 rxd
    Kirsten.M 9.16 (3kg) 100 reps
    Ryno 14.08 rxd
    Lauren 9.44 rxd
    Sue 15.27 (5kg) MB/Cleans
    Cliffo 8.34 rxd
    Daniel 8.56 (6kg)
    Ellen 130 reps (5kg) MB/Cleans
    Stevo 9.18 rxd
    Jenny.B 11.14 rxd
    Jen.K 14.17 rxd
    Bryce 8.26 (6kg)
    Richo 16.08 rxd
    Bianca 7.06 rxd
    Alli 11.36 rxd
    Jakob 7.18 (5kg) 100reps

    Pete 9.01 rxd
    Shano C skills
    Benny 12.31 rxd
    Aido 7.34 9kg
    Troy 8.46 6kg
    Keiffy 6.47 rxd
    Pittas 6.45 3kg
    Mitchy 9.18 rxd
    Brucey 16.08 rxd
    Mick E 6.05 6kg 100 reps
    Hayley 11.33 rxd
    Kurt N 10.18 rxd
    Lynne 8.58 rxd
    JFK 6.27 rxd
    Harry 8.47 rxd
    Justin 5.27 rxd
    Matty.M 9.01 rxd
    Simmo 7.01 rxd
    Chelsea 3.24 75reps 3kg

    Wog 8.52 rxd
    Corina 16.29 rxd
    Rach 10.34 3kg
    Heidi 11.13 3kg

  2. My legs were worthless lumps of rubber by the time I got to work and of course my first delivery involved flights of stairs. B.S.

  3. What an awesome turnout for both sessions this morning – and good to see Karen in too – I’m talking about Deegzy. There was nothing nice about “Karen” 😉

    • Yeah great to see Deegzy in, everyone loves her awesome 4551 spirit!! Thanks for counting my reps as well dude 🙂

      She’s also the only one who has been able to get “BN” back into his beastly form.

      • naaahhhh Chucks ya 2 pussy cats. Harden the F$&@ up hey!!! 2 weeks….. im back sweating like a …… on a …. charge those that know me can work it out ha ha ha.


    A shout out to Martin the other day for getting his first HSPU, congrats and keep up the consistency mate 😉

    Well done to Kelly on quitting the cigarettes for over 2 months now and putting all your energy into your health and fitness by consistently turning up and setting your goals each week, congratulations 😉

    To the Broderick girls Ellen and Sarah on getting their first unassisted pull-ups and now consecutives, reaping the rewards of consistent training girls. Although we will unfortunately be loosing Ellen to Brisbane for her studies as of tomorrow we know she will be well looked after at CF Verge with our mate Kurt.

    Keiffy on a rock solid month of consistency on our 3-1, had alot of comments on your efforts and physical changes to your appearance mate 😉

    Shano.C like Dale has been consistent on the 3-1 and improved out of site. Stay on it bud and have no doubt that you are only going to go from strength to strength in the next few months.

    Mel.P would be our most determined, consistent and most/best achieving athlete ATM. Showing an absolute kick arse attitude and leading by example with her nutrition and training over the past 4-6 weeks.

    Mull and Dal it’s awesome to see an increase in your volume of training of late and also really enjoying your training!!

    Lisa.P with her consistent training and improvement in her fitness, technique and strength. Had comments of recent how much you have changed in appearance, looking great mate 😉

    Jenny.B Come back from a niggling injury with a bang!! Fully committed, consistent and enjoying her training, full credit to ya 😉

    Sue, well what can we say about you, a yellow band pull-up, an unassisted handstand and brilliant improvements in your weightlifting. You are an example of true hard work and consistency, your positive energy brings out the best in everyone at CF 4551 🙂

    Hayley and Lynne have both stepped into coaching rolls with Justin and his CF kids, very consistent, top athletes who are both very deserving.

    Heidi is the little girl with the big heart, shot out of her shell a month or so ago and started believing instead of wishing that she could. Consecutive unassisted pull-ups as well as massive PB’s in her weightlifting has blown all us coaches away. What a champ!!

    Corina with her never give up attitude, we know it can be a battle but you can run from it or face it and you always turn up and attack it regardless of the WODS enormity. To be consistently rx’ing WODS is a reflection of your constant hard work and dedication to your training. Certainly one of those people that wears her heart on their sleeve.

    Smokin, unbelievable return mate! Setting goals and punishing them with that big positive spirit. Great to see you enjoying your training dude 🙂

    Big Stevo, A positive frame of mind and flowing with it is HUGE improvements in all aspects of your CF. Sky is the limit for you mate 😉

    Simmo, just about down and out when he was injured last year but to his credit bounced back and is now PB’ing on a regular basis and built himself up to be even stronger athlete mentally and physically. Onya Simmo!!

    Pitas, Only recently started and has dropped an impressive 8kg. Great to see someone walk in and make a commitment to their health and fitness and make such awesome changes. Onya Pit 😉

    Like I said guys I apologise if I left any achievements out. There are a huge list of guys who are not on here who turn up and give 110% to their team everyday, please note us coaches know who you all are and respect you all unbelievably, your commitment to your team is always on show and never taken for granted!!

    We will be monitoring peoples achievements and making sure we recognise peoples achievements each month. Thankyou all of our awesome members who make CF 4551 what it is today 🙂

    • Thanks Mick! So good to be part of a great team with awesome coaches!! I have been bringing my daughter and 2 nieces to crossfit 4551 kids and Lynne and Hayley are doing a super job!! The kids love coming to the box especially today when the session finished and all the other members arrived for the 4:45 sess and started doing there thing the girls watched in awe!!

    • This is great! Everyone’s achievements to date have been spectacular! Keep it up guys.

  5. Wow!!! Mick it was so cool reading your post!! I love to see and hear great news well done everyone!!! How good was it to have Karen in the box on Karen Day I know it made me keep going!!! And I love the way she can get Mr Clifford moving onya Karen!!! Two weeks girl rocky yipeeeeeeeee!! 🙂 The End:)

  6. Anyone see that little upcoming WOD on Crossfit.com today, pffffft it’s only 45mins how hard could it be?? 😉

    Gotta love the variance in the program

  7. Spewin I can’t be in today for “Karen” and to see Karen!! I have been struck down with the dreaded ManFlu!! Mick you know that 150 WB’s is right up my alley!! Cheers for the kind words btw. Though can I give a Shoutout to Tanners!! She is 7 months pregnant and still getting in to the box, a CrossFit Mum record I think!! If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is. Well done Cookie Mumma!!

  8. Definitely an awesome effort by mumsy, she has been pretty consistent too. Well done Tanners 😉

  9. Dal and I aren’t going to make it in today, we’re at her grandmother’s place at the moment as she comes out of a month’s respite in the nursing home today. We’ve gotta hang around for a while so that I can show all of Lyndal’s aunts etc how to use the hoist to safely transfer her.
    We’ll both catch up today’s WOD tomorrow.

  10. Can I just add (oh and tanks for kind words) But yeah i’ve been watching and theres a dude I dont yet know but I do know for certain how hard it is to get a Muscle Up and I seen one night he got 3 cons – great for a newbie to CF. unless he has been one??? but either way I liked it. 🙂

    • Yeah Karen, Greg started with a bang and he his constantly ringing me with ideas on mixing up the wods so he can do them at Blackwater. Haha he has already signed up for the opens, which reminds better sign up now before I forget.

  11. Yep Greggo’s made a crackin start and picked it up well from the get go. Also to be away out West for weeks at a time and to be wodding and posting up each night shows awesome commitment and mental toughness. Well done Greg and we look forward to having you back in soon mate

    • It’s easy for the big fella when he DISCO to look up to hahaha.

  12. Cheers for the comments guys very humbling. Its a credit to Mick his coaches and all the members at CF4551 the atmosphere and culture they have created there. It really motivates you to better yourself and the 4551 team. That and I hate it when Disco beats me 🙂